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30th December 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

A marvellous turn out this Christmas (click on the photo to view)

Many thanks to Seb Guettier for sending in the above photo of 'Carols in the Square'.
Seb: "I was visiting my Mum and Sister who live in Farley Green and Chilworth respectively, this Christmas. I was delighted to attend the carol service, and have a couple of drinks in the White Horse afterwards. What a lovely village-y Christmas Eve."

30th December 2016

Village Cinema

December 29th: TOP HAT- DETAILS

December 29th: Zootropolis - DETAILS

28th December 2016

Christmas Eve

"Carols in the Square, 6.30pm Christmas Eve, Shere
- a tradition not to be missed!"
Thanks to the Shere Parish Council Facebook page

22nd December 2016

100 years ago - Sept 1916

As the year draws to a close, this magazine cover of The Light Car and Cyclecar has emerged - A Morris Cowley motorcar passes the Historic Footbridge in Upper Street - Many thanks to Peter Card - More info on the:

Historic Footbridge Website

20th December 2016

Shere Village Cinema

December 18th: Four Christmases - DETAILS

17th December 2016

Shere Christmas Fair

Shere Christmas Fair - Come along to the Shere Christmas Fair on Saturday 17th December 10am - 2pm for tea and homemade cakes. You can browse and buy from our vast gift, art and craft stalls. Brilliant for those stocking fillers. All proceeds to a local charity.

16th December 2016

Vine Cottage

Vine Cottage - April 1963
photo ©SurreyWanderer , all rights reserved - Thanks Simon

1950 - 1999 PHOTO PAGE

14th December 2016

Latest Painting

Hannah Bruce
Paints Middle Street - avaialble to buy - More information on the:


12th December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

New lights, thanks to the Shere Parish Council
This beautiful photograph of the Square, shows the newly decorated trees, with the inviting 'White Horse' in the background.

Thanks to Liam Wilson Photography for sharing this stunning photo.

9th December 2016 - photo ©2016 Liam Wilson Photography, all rights reserved

Middle Street Garage

Twenty years ago, June 1996 - Middle Street Garage
Many of you who follow this village website will know that I have been trying to track down a photo of the working garage in Middle Street - I was delighted to locate the above photo, showing an Alfa Romeo being worked on, along with the garage shop (click on the photo to view).. Many thanks to Walter Etten from the USA for the above garage photo, along with nine other village locations taken in the summer of 1996. All can be viewed on the PHOTOs page which has now been split over three pages (1850-1949, 1950-1999, 2000 to date) due to the number posted.

Does anyone know what the garage was called? Who ran it and for how long? Any information or other photo's would be appreciated.

The only other images I have found were from the 1965 cult sci-fi movie

"The Earth Dies Screaming" (see FILMS page).

It would be great to start a dedicated page on the Village Garages. I am also collecting information on the Upper Street Garage (currently Shere 4x4) which has been around since the early 1930s and was once owned by an ex-Formula 1 driver. Stay tuned...

8th December 2016

Santa comes to Shere

Midday on December 3rd we had a visit from Santa

Santa begins his journey with sack in hand
click on the photo to view

News spreads that Santa is here - click on the photo to view

The journey ends outside the Village Hall

Santa is greeted by the children as he makes his way to the Village Hall
click on the above photo's to view a larger image

Many thanks to John Powell for the top two photo's - Bottom two by Tristan

3rd Decemberr 2016

Shere Village Cinema

December 1st: Shere Cinema Annual General Meeting followed by:

December 1st: Our Kind of Traitor - DETAILS

25th November 2016

Gomshall Station Footbridge

25th November - Official Opening
View details on the TRAIN page

25th November 2016

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

DECEMBER ISSUE - A joyous Christmas to everyone...
This months Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

26th November 2016

circa 1870

This is the third post regarding local artist Richard M. Rayner - previous two were at the end of October (see below). Here we have two closer view's to St. James' Church. The first, a pencil sketch looking from

Middle Street with 'Sayers' to the left of the church. There appears to be a smaller bridge with railings. Circa 1870.

The second is the same view but standing the other side of the bridge in Middle Street:

Thanks again to Andrew King - These paintings has been added to the Paintings page of this website - Lots more to come...
remember to click on the photo to view a larger image

21st November 2016

Shere Cinema

45 Years: Sunday November 20th
8.00pm - DETAILS

Reminder: Shere Cinema Annual General Meeting at the Village Hall on December 1st 2016

18th November 2016

Christmas Shopping Night

TONIGHT: Shere Christmas Shopping Night:
Friday Nov 18th
Netley House - 7-10pm

18th November 2016

Armistice Day - Nov 11th

Friday November 11th 2016 click on the above photo's to view detail

11/11/2016 - 11am - Act of Rememberance:
Shere War Memorial - The Rev. Judy Potter

Other past photographs of Armistice day

1938 Armistice Day
Shere War Memorial - The Rev. Sir Paget M. Bowman

1926 Armistice Day: 90 years ago today -
Shere War Memorial - The Rev. Sir Paget M. Bowman

click on the above text and all photo's to view detail

11th November 2016

Early Motor cars in Shere

click on the above photo to view detail

A rare photo postcard of The Square prompted a journey of discovery - What make and model were the three cars and from this could we date the photo? After some reserach, 'Vintage and Classic Cars FB' page were contacted and with the help from member Varun Coutinho the cars have been identified as follows:
Starting from the left, the car with just it's wheel and front bonnet showing is a: 1913 Sunbeam 12/16hp -
below are various models photo's:

Model: Sunbeam 12/16hp
Years: 1913 - 1914
Style: 4-Door Touring
Model: Sunbeam 12/16hp HP racing car
Year: 1910
Body style: Race Car
Model: Sunbeam 12/16hp
Year: 1913
Body style: Limousine

click on any of the above photo's to view detailed image

The car in the left centre of the postcard is an early 1910s 12hp Renault (see photo below)

Early 1910s 12hp Renault AX 2-door Cabriolet

The final car with its number plate clearly visible when looking through a magnifying glass:

The registration plate reads LW 8105 - The first two digits LW indicates tat the car was registered in London North-West between May 1919 to July 1919.

The car is a 1919 Standard Motor Company SLS 9.5hp 1-Door
2-Seater Roadster/ Tourer.The british car manufacturer, Standard, later became Standard-Triumph and then just 'Triumph' in the 1960s.

Above photo: Model SLS: Short wheelbase, Long stroke, Sidevalve
Years: 1919 - 1921
Engine: Sidevalve 4-Cyl - Displacement: 1328cc - Power: 9.5hp

Looking at all the dates and the registration details, the postcard cannot be any earlier than Summer of 1919 and is most probably early 1920's.

Many thanks to Varun and everyone on the
Vintage and Classic Cars FB page.

November 10th 2016

God Bless the Happy Pair - Part 2
- 1904 Wedding Celebrations

If you search for something long enough...

this photo postcard, above, was clearly taken on the same day and the detail is amazing - click on the photo's to view - Note the gate on 'The Pound' and the side door on the 'Old Fire Station'.

In 2011 the Village website posted the discovery of a rare postcard "GOD BLESS THE HAPPY PAIR" (which can now be found in the archive section) and can be seen again, below:

Wedding Celebrations in Middle Street - 1904

November 4th 2016

Bryant & Son - Builders update

If you search for something long enough,

Apart from the main sign 'Bryant & Son', another can be read above the shop door 'Plumbers'. This wasn't so clear in the original photo (see below) - A victorian toilet is in the shop window display
click on the photo's to view detailed image

Above: previous posted photo - scroll further down the page to view full story (July 2016 entry)

November 1st 2016

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

NOVEMBER ISSUE - Lest we forget...
This months Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

26th October 2016

1870 - R.M. Rayner

Following up on the previous post, here are two more Richard Rayner watercolour pintings of our village, circa 1870

Above: Watercolour direct from Richard's sketchbook - Two ancient elms stand proud in 'The Square'- the Old Fire Station building in Middle Street is yet to be built (1885), replacing the wooden barn next to 'The Pound'.
click on the painting above to view detailed image - Richard M Rayner 1870

Below: A view of St. James' from the Swimming Pool field, also a watercolour and painted circa 1870

Above: Watercolour direct from Richard's sketchbook - St' James' Church and The Bridge.
click on the painting above to view detailed image - Richard M Rayner 1870

Thanks once more to Andrew King - These paintings will be added to the Paintings page of this website - Lots more to come in the coming months. Stay tuned.

28th October 2016

Richard Rayner - 1843-1908

Very exciting news - I have been contacted by Andrew King who's Great Grandfather was renowned painter, Richard Mayner.

Above: Pencil sketch direct from Richard's sketchbook - Lower Street
click on the sketch above to view detailed image - Richard M Rayner 1865

The exciting news is that Andrew has a large number of Richard's pencil and watercolour sketches and (mainly) unfinished watercolour and oil paintings. Among them are quite a few sketches of various aspects of village life in and around Shere during the artist's time in the village from the mid 1860s to around 1880. We will be featuring these over the coming months and would like to this opportunity to thank Andrew and his family for sharing Richard's works of art with us all through our Shere Village website.

28th October 2016

Community Celebration in Shere

Tillingbourne Tales - This upcoming weekend - Sunday 16th October

12th October 2016

Lindy Klim visits Shere

Australian on-line edition

The 'TV & Showbiz' Australian on-line edition (3rd October 2016) features former model and fashion entrepreneuris, Lindy Klim.
"During her time in England, Lindy Klim joked with her 90,000 Instagram followers about her height as she struggled to fit through a door in Shere, located about an hour south of London"

For those of us who live in Shere, the door featured is 'Manor Cottage'.

Lindy Klim (nee Rama is a Balinese princess, being the niece of Ida Cokorde Pamecutan XI. King of Denpasar). Lindy married Michael Klim (OLYMPIC gold Medalist, World Champion and word record-holder) in 2006. She is now the Creative Director of skincare company Milk & Co.

10th October 2016

Shere in 1948 - series of 4 photos

Old Houses at Shere
Looking down Gomshall Lane towards the Village Hall

The Tillingbourne flows through the village
Looking towards the 'Lower Street'

Cottages of Charm - The Square
"Grovers" (later to be Collins - see previous News item below)

The Square
Flowers of Memory

The above four photo's have been taken from the book,
"The Surrey Hills" by W.A. Poucher
(Chapman & Hall, 1949) PURCHASE

You can click on the photo's above to see a larger view

8th October 2016

Collins - 50 years

It is with sadness that Dick and Elaine closed their doors for the last time on Saturday October 1st, exactly 50 years since opening their doors (October 1966).
Prior to this, Dick ane Elaine spent some time rennovating their home and shop in The Square.

Grovers in the 1920's Mr Grover in the 1940s

This months Parish Magazine has a lovely tribute to the Collin's and it is with great sadness that Collins Green grocers has now closed -

Wishing you a very happy retirement.

1st October 2016

Dr. Tyrrell retirement reception

Farewell reception: Shere Village Hall
27th October 2016 (2.00pm - 5.00pm)

21st September 2016

Old Postcard update - Wheelwrights

THEN NOW (2016)

Thank you for so many e-mails regarding the 9th September entry below: Do you recognise this building in Shere?
Quite a few of you recognised the building as being 'Wheelwrights' in Lower Street - click on ALL the photo's to view more detail.

A clue was in the sign on the old photo - J.Hooker - Undertaker

Wheelwright - Smith - Undertaker
POSTER - on the far right, inside of the door (click on the poster above)

The poster tells us that the Annual Show at Albury Heath are hosting 'Athletic Sports' and 'Fireworks'. - All a bit blured as the image has been scanned at a high quality but was so small in the original photo, detail gets lost.

The postcard tells us so much, the Gentleman holding the dog is named Sid and that this is his shop. Is Sid the son and the father (J. Hooker) is on the right? Here is the rear of the postcard:

The address is given as Upper Street but clearly this is Lower Street - Quite a Puzzle and I would be interested to hear of anyone who may have some thoughts on this. My theory is:
The address written in pencil has been added in after, maybe by a postcard collector, so we can ignore this. The actual address written by Sid is "Upper Street". Sid may well have lived in Upper Street as this is where the card was written and sent to Gracie showing him at the Shop (Wheelwrights) in Lower Street. Although Sid mentions that this is his shop, he may just work there and not be part of the family owned business. Another theory is that Sid had at this stage his own family, moved out of the family home in Lower Street and was now living in Upper Street.
We also know that Upper Street also had an undertakers - Nortons but as we are unsure as to the date of the photo/postcard, it's difficult to piece all this together. Stay Tuned, I'll try and find out more.

If anyone comes across any old photo's of Shere, please e-mail me and I'll post it on the Shere Village website for us all to enjoy.

17th September 2016

Thunderstorms hit Shere Again!

Flash Flooding hits the village for the second time in three months.
Storm leaves village's streets covered in mud - view detailed photo

September Photos

Click on the images above to view

See previous report earlier this summer (June 23rd entry below)

Flash Flooding results in 'ankle deep' mud

Local newspaper reports:

Thunderstorms struck in the early hours of Friday and wreaked havoc around Surrey


June 17th 2016

Shere Village Cinema - Three upcoming screenings:

September 18th – He Named Me Malala
October 6th – Florence Foster Jenkins
October 16th – The Man Who Knew Infinity

He Named Me Malala

Screening: Sunday September 18th

Florence Foster Jenkins

Screening: Thursday October 6th

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Screening: Sunday October 16th

MORE DETAILS on both films at the Shere Village Cinema website

15th September 2016

Old Postcard

Do you recognise this building in Shere?
You can click on the photo above to see a larger view

I will be posting an update early next week, in the meantime see if you can recognise the location and let me know. Please e-mail me.

9th September 2016

1950s White Horse Inn, Shere

1950s landlord, Reg Marshall behind the bar with his Parrot.

Many of you may remember the article published in the July 2016 issue of the Parish Magazine titled, "Strange tales of a parrot, a monkey and a ghost at the White Horse". This story emerged after sixteen black and white photo's were handed over the bar to the pub's manager, Ben Msalmi. Pub regular, Steve Cook kindly scanned the photo's and you can all view ALL the photographs by clicking the following link:

1950s White Horse Inn

1st September 2016

Shere Village Cinema - Two screenings this upcoming week:

Dad's Army

Dad's Army - Screening: Thursday September 1st

A Sicilian Dream

On the same day as the Shere Hill Climb, the Shere Village Cinema is showing 'A Sicilian Dream', which is all about a race in Sicily featuring one of the cars being shown at Shere Hill Climb. 

A Sicilian Dream - Screening: Sunday September 4th

MORE DETAILS on both films at the Shere Village Cinema website

28th August 2016

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

SEPTEMBER ISSUE - Late summer field in Peaslake
This months Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

26th July 2016


Parsley has moved but Molly is resident of The Pound. Molly is the creation of the children from Shere Infant School...

...click on the photo above to VIEW

25th August 2016

Railway photo's of Gomshall...

...and Shere Railway Station. Webpage update's with some interesting photo's of the station.
Train Station page

12th August 2016

Parsley the Cow

Parsley in front of The Pound

CowParade project' - Many of you will have seen Parsley, who is perfectly placed just outside 'The 'Pound', an area used some 100 years ago for holding livestock. Local residents, Maggie Kyriacou and Maggie Scott (Chilworth) who have organised and beautifully decorated Parsley. The Shere Museum will benefit when the cow goes to auction - Read more in this months (August) Parish Magazine

7th August 2016

NEW - St James' painting

NEW DISCOVERY - Exterior view of St James' - late 1800's
Painter: Richard Manser Rayner (1843-1908)

The above painting can be viewed on the paintings page (1880), link below:


6th August 2016


Open evening - The Old forge once again comes to life with the opening of a new business in Middle Street, &hobbs

5th August 2016 (open evening)

KLM Dakota Airline accident report

Dakota KLM Airline air accident report, Shere, 6th November 1946

Having received a lot of interest and e-mails after the article published in the JULY issue of the Parish Magazine, a link to a dedicated page is now available to VIEW.


1st August 2016

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

AUGUST ISSUE - Bishp Andrew warms the tent service
This months Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

29th July 2016

A Celebration of Surrey Life

The August edition of 'Surrey Life' comes with a 132 page coffee table book titled, 'A Celebration of Surrey Life - volume III'
Page 111 features our vilage: SHERE, Chocolate box appeal with a strong community flavour with Gillian Ackroyd as our local resident sharing her top tips.

You can also buy the magazine, A Celebration of Surrey Life' online here

Shere also gets a mention in the 10 Famous Film Locations on page 129 with reference to the film 'The Holiday' (although a picture is shown of 'Bridget Jones'). To view all the films made in Shere, click on the FILM SET page.

July 25th 2016


to Lesley and Tim Austin who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary today, July 20th. We would all like to wish you both a wonderful day on your Golden Wedding Anniversary.

L is for 'laughter' that you shared along the way.
O is for 'optimism' you gave each other every day.
V is for 'value' of being best friends.
E is for 'eternity,' a love that has no end.

July 20th 2016

80,000 web page visits, Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported this Shere Village website over the past five years. The visitor numbers have been rapidly building as the 50,000 visitor mark was reached only ten months ago in September 2015.

You can view the counter on the right hand column of this page, at the bottom.

July 20th 2016

Bryant & Son - Builders

Old Cottage, Upper Street

Many thanks to Mike Dodds for unearthing this very rare postcard.
Today both cottages are now one residence, Gareth, which is situated next to Burrow Down which in turn is next to the 4x4 garage.

View postcard

The postcard shows what the cottage looked like before the 1946 sideways extension, although my guess is that the photo was taken around 1900. The closer you look at a postcard, the more you can see. Zooming into three areas of this postcard, give us clues as to the social history of the people who appear in them:

Area 1. Horse and Cart - VIEW DETAIL

Area 2. Bryant & Son Builders - VIEW DETAIL

Area 3. Face at window - VIEW DETAIL

July 12th 2016

This England - Portrait of a Village

Summer 2009 - 3 page spread

July 10h 2016

Their name liveth forever

above photo: Chris Hartford from London, UK - Flickr
File from Wiki: Thiepval Memorial to the missing - ©CC BY 2.0

1st JULY 1916 - 7.30am: 100 years ago today, Battle of the Somme.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave men and families on this day 1st July 2016.

The Thiepval Memorial unveiled on 1st August 1932 was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and records the names of over 72,000 soldiers who died in the Battles of the Somme of the First World War between 1915 and 1918, with no known grave. More details on The Thiepval Memorial

Sir Edwin Lutyens was well know here in Shere as he designed various buildings in our village - The Lych Gate was designed in 1902 by the architect, Lutyens, who later designed the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London. His designs for the Bray family, include The Manor House Lodge and Western Cottages (1892) in Upper Street and the Summers’ Barber’s Shop (1894) in Middle Street (now used as the Tea Room, "The Dabbling Duck", which was formely known as "The Lucky Duck", and before then "Asters Tea Shop"). Hazelhatch is a beautiful country house in Burrows Cross and built in 1897, in the Arts and Crafts style. The first recorded conveyance was from Lord Ashcombe to Lady Sarah Spencer, after which the property was subsequently owned by the well-known Bray family. The house, which is Grade II Listed, was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in collaboration with Gertrude Jekyll, the well-known garden designer.

July 1st 2016

The Old Netley Mill

One of the Shere Gardens that opens each year, the Old Netley Millis featured in this month's magazine, The English Garden.
A six page article with stunning photographs - Digital Edition

June 30th 2016

Shere Open Gardens Photo's

Sunday 26th June 2016 - Another great day in our village as homes opened their gardens and shared their amazing spaces.

Thanks to Tracie Jane Photography for again capturing all the days events - I have placed them in a 'Gallery' for you to enjoy.

View photos

Shere Open Gardens - Annual Open Day

June 29th 2016

TODAY Shere Open Gardens

Have a lovely day

Please note: The Gables in Lower Street was unable to open on the day.

Previous Events

June 26th 2016

Guildford Borough - Clean up operation in time for the Shere Open Gardens this Sunday

Guildford Borough to the rescue - A clean up operation hits the village

25th June 2016

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

JULY ISSUE - Canon Nick cuts the Queen's 90th birthday cake at Peaslake.
This months Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

24th June 2016

Thunderstorms hit Shere

Two local newspapers report:

Flash Flooding in Shere leaves village's streets covered in mud

Local newspaper reports:

Shere Parish Council requested help from Guildford Borough Council to clear its streets ahead of the annual Open Gardens event this Sunday...



Stones and thick mud washed into Shere Village near Dorking

Local newspaper reports:

The picture postcard village of Shere has been inundated with mud swept down from the North Downs by the torrential rain that bedevilled Surrey last night and early this morning.

The deluges loosened flints, twigs and mud in the byway London Lane, which villagers say has been used in the past by off-road vehicles. Torrents of muddy water have surged down the nearby hills...



Click on the images above to view

June 23rd 2016

Shere Open Gardens countdown...

The gardens opening in this years 2016 (38th Shere Open Gardensare listed above - This Sunday26th June


2016 Garden map NOW AVAILABLE

June 23rd 2016

Shere Open Gardens countdown...

...starting today with a BBC Radio interview with Annabel Alford. Brief interview on BBC Radio Surrey with Annabel - 22nd June 2016

Visit BBC i-player to hear (available for 28 days on-line)

Scroll forward to 02:39:30 to listen


This years Garden map coming soon...

June 22nd 2016

Shere Street Party - Queen's 90th

Sunday was a fun day for all - The Shere Street Party was enjoyed by all - Thanks to Tracie Jane Photography for capturing all the days events and to Gillian Ackroyd for all the organisation.

View photos

Event details and MORE photos, can be found on the
Official Shere Street Party website.

June 2016

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

June 2016

Ted Emmings, Shere's Chevalier - Ted adds the Legion d'honneur to his wartime heroism awards - This and Tributes to Ron Chapman in this months Parish Magazine - all 92 pages of community news.

June 2016

Ron Chapman

1936 - 2016
And in the end it's not the years in a life, It's the life in the years.

Friday 7th May 2016 - Village Hall 12.30 to remember our dear friend.

Those we love don't go away,
they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
So loved, so missed, so very dear.


Obituary and tributes to Ron in next month's Parish Magazine

May 2016

Shere Open Gardens 2016

Summer is here - Looking forward to next month's village event

Sunday 26th June 2016 - 2-6pm

ADVANCE TICKETS (wristbands) are £1 cheaper when bought before the day and are currently available from both retail outlets in Shere: Shere Delights and Mad Jak.​


Previous Events

May 2016

Shere Street Party 2016

Celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday

Sunday 12th June 2016 - 12-4pm

Visit the OFFICIAL Shere Street Party website

May 2016

Manor Cottage / Vine Cottage

Manor Cottage - I'm sure a lot of people around the village will be pleased that Manor Cottage (on the corner of Upper and Middle Street) is receiving lot of loving attention. Here we step back over 100 years.

Vine and Manor Cottages - There is a great deal of detail in the photograph - in the area of Manor Cottage, we can make out some old bicycles...

...two Penny Farthings propped up against the wall.

Here's the detail of Forrest Stores (now the co-op):

All shuttered up with St James' church as the backdrop

More details of this and other historical photo's can be found on the


April 2016

Tudor Cottage

ROYAL GRAFTON, fine bone china plate

Shere Cottage ROYAL GRAFTON Country Cottages Collection

This plate No. 2 (of 6) of the Country Cottage Collection, I identified as Tudor Cottage at the bottom of Upper Street.

April 2016

Helen Allingham painting uncovered

TITLED: Children playing with kittens beside a cottage
I came across this Helen Allingham painting on the web, one I had never seen before and has little documentation. We know that the painter, Helen Allingham stayed in Shere for the whole summer in 1878, painting. This and other paintings can be found on the:


Note the page is now in Chronological date order, starting with the oldest first...

...this 1823 illustration of our beautiful church.

April 7th 2016

The Times - Shere in Top 20

March 16th 2016 - Today's Times newspaper reveals the 20 most desirable villages to live in the south of England. Shere is named at number 6

As part of the Times series - 40 best villages in Britain, today's paper focusses on the South - click picture above for larger layout.

The Times Cover Click to read

From 20 villages, 5 photo's were chosen, one of which was Shere:

Shere photo - view of The square from St. James' Churchyard

March 16th 2016 - Thanks to Annabel for the heads up.

Shere Painting - Middle Street

Painted by James Matthews abt. 1870's
click the painting to view larger image or visit the

As featured in the centre pages of the March Parish Magazine

March 1st 2016

Surrey Life Mag - February 2016

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine February 2016
A listing of various community heroes in Surrey mentions our own

Howard Potter, Shere - "Treasurer for Shere Village Hall for more than 30 years, a governor at the village school and treasurer for the parish, Howard Potter, 69, was honoured with a British Empire Medal in the New Year Honours (2013) for services to the community. With wife Judy, he originally moved to Shere back in 1978"


February 21st 2016

Parish Magazine - February 26th

Exclusive feature on a 19th century Shere painting in today's Parish magazine - will reveal post on this website on Monday to give you all a chance to buy the Parish Magazine - only 50p


February 26th 2016

Shere Village Cinema - Feb 21st

This upcomig Sunday (Feb 21st) - A Royal Affair
More information on this and all the upcoming films:


February 18th 2016

The Square - 1957

UPDATE - click on the photo below to view detail

Photo of Shere, the Village c1960, ref. S114035

THE SQUARE - One of the last photo's showing the remaining
tree. Three years later, a single oak was planted in its place.
I can just make out 'Family Grocers' above the shop (now Shere Shop).

photo ©Doveson2002 all rights reserved - Thanks Phil

Another photo from 1957 has been added to the PHOTO's page:


February 5th 2016

Shere Village Cinema - Feb 4th

This upcomig Thursday (Feb 4th) - SUFFRAGETTE
More information on this and all the upcoming films:


February 1st 2016

Visit from BBC Surrey - 27th Jan

Anyone tuning into BBC Radio Surrey today on 27th January 2016
would have heard their Winter Warm Up tour and the visit to Shere Village during the morning. Here is their posting on facebook

You can visit the BBC Surrey FB page to see more photo's such as the Shere Delights photo's below:

January 28th 2016

Tudor Cottage - Painted by?

The previous entry regarding the Victor Bertoglio painting
has thrown up this very early painting but I need help in tracing down the
painter and the name of painting:

Initially thought this may have been by Helen Allingham but
research hasn't confirmed this - There is a signature that I can only just
make out on the bottom right hand corner - is the first letter a 'C'?

Having identied the scene of 'Tudor Cottage' in Upper Street with
the help of 'Vine Cottage' in the background, the research started to
look good.

Here is the painting (below) compared to an old 1905 postcard:

The East Lodge, designed by Lutyens, hadn't been built, the painting has to pre-date 1894.
Vine Cottage can be seen clearly
in the background. VIEW PHOTO

Tudor Cottage porch is clearly defined.
East Lodge is now built.
The wooden fence and wall still remained. VIEW PHOTO

If you can be of any help, please e-mail me:


- The painter is Charles Edward Wilson Pre-1894 - all details on the paintings page.


January 2016

Victor Joseph Bertoglio

Who remembers the British Comic Books EAGLE and SWIFT?
A name you may not have heard of but local man, Victor Joseph Bertoglio was a noted book illustrator from the late 1940s through to the early 1970s.

The above painting of 'Tudor Cottage' in Upper Street, Shere was by Bertoglio. He lived not far away in Thatched Cottage, Farley Green.
He was most prolific during the 1950s decade. Bertoglio exhibited watercolour work at the Royal Academy Exhibition of 1950.

More information and examples of his other works can be found on the Paintings page, link below:


January 2016

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January 2016

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Shere as a Film location

The village has been the home to various film locations,
such as The Wedding Date (Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney)
Wedding scenes and shots of 'The Square'

Bridgette Jones - The Edge of Reason
(Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent)

The Holiday
(Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law)
Various village shots

The Ruling Class
1972 (Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe). Shots of 'The White Horse interior and outside shots of 'The Square'.
WATCH video clip (Inside the pub and outside in The Square)

Hearts of the World
(DW Griffith 1918 silent film) - some location shots, although I personally havn't seen this film. Starring Erich Von Stroheim, D.W. Griffith,
Lillian Gish, Noël Coward, Dorothy Gish, Robert Anderson,
Robert Harron, Billy Bitzer, William "Wild Bill" Elliott and features
David Lloyd George

A Matter of Life and Death
Shere was used as Dr. Reeve's village in the 1946 film
(David Niven and Kim Hunter) but seen very briefly through camera obscura that if you blink you would miss it.

The Earth Dies Screaming Shere was the location for the 1965 science fiction film which was mainly filmed around 'The Square' - see the newly planted Oak Tree below



Many more Hollywood films and actors, including two ex-James Bond actors - Roger Moore and Sean Connery as well as notable actors: Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Camron Diaz, Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Michael Winner, Michael Kitchen, Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, William Mervyn, Coral Browne, Harry Andrews, Carolyn Seymour, James Villiers and Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Lynch, Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Kathleen Harrison, Eleanor Summerfield,, Eric Barker, Victor Maddern, Barbara Windsor, David Niven, Kim Hunter, Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Noel Coward, Diana Rigg, Harry Hill, Simon Day, David Mitchell, Ben Miller, Emily Watson, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowev- View the FILM page for more

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