1950s White Horse Inn, Shere

One evening in June 2016, Geoff Tanner had been clearing out his sisters house in Upper Street and came across 16 black and white photo's. He walked into the White Horse and handed them over to the present landlord Ben Msalmi. Pub regular, Steve Cook scanned all the images and contacted this Shere Village website. A huge thank you to both Steve and Ben for the following photo's.


Above photo: Landlord Reg Marshall

The White Horse in the 1950s was split into two, the Lounge bar and the Saloon bar. Access was from the two outside doors.

Reg with his Parrot

Reg Marshall behind the bar with his Parrot on his shoulder, enjoying a pint of ale.
Does anyone know the parrots name in the above photo?

The reverse of the photo names the lady as Mrs. Manfield - again does anyone know more?

More pints for the Parrot

More ale.
Does anyone know the mans name to the right of the bar in the above photo?

Parrot and his cage

The parrot must have been quite a celebrity in the village.

The old fireplace...

...to the left as you walk into the White Horse



The bar

Note: the fireplace behind the bar - Today (2016), the fireplace is on the right hand side as you walk into the pub and the bar is now opposite the front door.


Above: Emma Vincent in front of the fireplace

Above, Handwritten details on the back of Emma Vincents photo.

Below, The Parish Magazine extract pertaining to Emma:

The locals

Having a drink and a ctach up
Anyone know the names of these gentlemen? Please e-mail me

Rear photo


Landlord Reg Marshall can be seen on the step ladder. Does anyone know the names of the ladies and the cat in the above photo? Please e-mail me

The Lavender Layde, Lower Street


The Lavender Layde, Lower Street


Outside the White Horse


Travelling up Shere Lane, The Prince of Wales on the left.

Parish Magazine

The July 2016 issue of the Parish Magazine published the story:

Parish Magazine - page 31, July 2016 Issue

Special Thanks...

...to Steve Cook and Ben Msalmi. We hope you all enjoy looking back at life inside the White Horse Inn in the 1950's.

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