Photographs of Shere - Past and Present (1900 onwards)

Please contact me if you have any old photographs of Shere, so that we can all enjoy looking back over the ages.

The following photo's, Copyright remains with the photographer, all rights reserved.

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Photographs in chronological date order (1900 - 1949):


Thanks to Keith from Goodness Gracious for the Six photos below:

photo above (Part of the Walter Rose Collection) - © Keith Harding
Walter Rose (1857-1954) spent his working life in the village of Westcott near Dorking in Surrey, a peaceful backwater of rural activity beneath
the North Downs - MORE INFORMATION

Keith also has some 1800 Surrey Village Views, including 45 of Shere


Vaughns the bakers shop with Sanders the grocers behind












Lower Street abt 1900

Closer inspection - outside 'Wickhams' in Lower Street



St James Church, The Spinning Walk, Shere, Guildford, Surrey, England
Creator: photographer : Muggeridge, William Burrell, Mr., 1884-1978
Date: 4.4.1904
Description: Black and white glass plate negative of "St. James" Church, Shere, near Guildford, taken on 4th April 1904.
Exterior view including a Lych gate designed by Edwin Lutyens.


Other Photograph

1904 - God Bless the Happy Pair

Wedding Celebrations in Middle Street - 1904

Click to see more detail


Street decoration - Wedding preparations - This photo is part of my Postcard collection

Step back in Time




Baker and Confectioner - J. Weller
Now known as 'The Bakehouse', This photo was taken pre-1910 with Wellers the Coal Merchant to the right (now Beaufield Mews). The Weller family seem to be very much part of the 'old' Shere village.



Wedding in Shere - 1905

Interesting photo at the junction of Upper Street/Middle Street of a wedding photo taken in 1905 - sent as a postcard on August 23rd 1905


Dial Cottage - 1905

Dial Cottage -
Note: Very old cottage - has 1622 inscribed on the Chimney


Luncheon and Teas

The William Bray is owned and run by Julian Bailey, ex-Formula 1 driver (team mate with Mikka Hakkinen with Team Lotus) and more recently exposed as Top Gear's 'The Stig'. Residents will recall that before 2009, "The William Bray" was previously known as 'The Prince of Wales' (and formerly Cook's Beer House). It was built in the late 18th century, the frontage being an early 20th century addition.

In 2003 an article on the BBC website mentions Maggie Dale as the landlady of the Prince of Wales pub in Shere, Surrey, for six years.

REWIND 105 years to the day, February 15th 1909 and an amazing story with POSTCARD, sent by the great nephew of the Proprietor of 'The Prince of Wales'.

Dear Tristan
I have attached a postcard sent by my great grand aunt Annie Saunders to my great grandfather (her brother) George Massey Saunders in 1909.

It shows their brother (my great grand uncle) James Saunders and his wife Emily Agnes nee Johnson outside the Prince of Wales Pub, which he was the proprietor of.

George was the head gardener at Charlwood Park and his father was gardener at Horley Lodge.

Thought this might be of interest to you, and you may feel free to use it as you will.

Phil How (Croxley Green, Herts)

Many thanks Phil, the postcard written gives us an insight to life in Shere some 100 years ago.

If anyone has any old photos of Shere, please send them to me and I will share it with all our visitors.


1907 - White Horse Inn

White Horse Inn in 1907 - Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith

30 years later in 1938 - Note the wood facade - Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.

22 years further on - 1960 - Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.

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Captioned: Each view is captioned on the reverse with its location and original date.

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The Old Prison - 1908




Vine Cottage in Upper Street

all photos copyright:


Historical images 1800 - 1950




Upper Street, Shere - Surrey



Upper Street, Shere - Surrey

1910 - Shere village, Surrey

Scanned from a 5 1/2" x 3 1/4" negative - Epson V700 @3200dpi

Upper Street, Shere

WEBSITE - Spooky21

1910 / Today - Then and Now

Upper Street, Shere - Surrey

1910 - Shere village, Surrey

Upper Street, Shere - Surrey

Upper Street, Shere

WEBSITE - ©photo, all rights reserved - Image Reference: 38-08-1


St. James' - 1910 and Today

St James' Church
1910 photo
St James' Church
2014 photo

Same view but 104 years apart
Click the photo's above for a larger view

This photo (©source) looks similar to the above photo

July 1910

This faded, yet real photo postcard with ink penned "White Horse" with Shere July 27th 1910. I am not at all sure what the celebration was, or why that day was so special, but I have enhanced the image in the hope that someone may be able to shed some light:

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Here is the rear of the postcard for anyone interested, posted on August 12th 1910:

click for larger image


The Square, Shere - Surrey



Upper Street - ©Francis Frith



Vine cottage looking towards Gomshall Lane

View all 128 photos at the Francis Frith Collection

World War 1

Upper Street, looking towards Middle Street and Gomshall Lane with Vine Cottage on the left and Manor Cottage on the right.


View down Middle Street with Bodryn on the right.


You will see on various old postcard's a Gun sitting next to the Tillingbourne river (opposite the duck house) - This gun was to commerate the finish of World War 1 and was in place between the two World wars (1918 to 1940). In 1940 the gun was taken away and used as Scrap Iron for the Second World war effort.

1920s - Village Hall and the relationship to the Great War

Click to view detail - Dorking Road (Gamshall Lane, Shere)

When the men of Shere returned from serving in the First World War the Parish wished to honour them, by building and completing the present Village Hall in 1922. The then Original Parish Hall (the current location of the Shere Museum), was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1898 then became available for The Shere Working Men's Club. The Shere Working Men's Club closed in 1997 and the hall lay empty until 2006 when a team of volunteers started work on converting the building to house the museum collection.

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Lower Street in 1920 - photo David Caldwell


The White Horse with its newly timbered facade

1920's -30's

This amazing photo was taken sometime between 1920 and 1930, looking down Middle Street towards Vine Cottage. A huge thanks to Bill for allowing us to display and enjoy his Grandfathers photo of our village. photo ©George T. Collis, all rights reserved. Contact Bill.


The Square, looking through the two huge Elm Trees


Looking at Grovers and Pantrys in The Square


One of the only photographs taken in 1928 of the now demolished (2005/2006) between The 'Prince of Wales' and 'The White Horse' Pub - looking towards 'Shere Lane'.
'The Prince of Wales', now 'The William Bray'
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.

Title: Surrey - The Playground of London
Description: London, The Homeland Association Ltd. 1928. Paperback with Oversize Covers, 10 x 7.5 inches. Ill.: J. Dixon-Scott.

The Homeland Illustrated No 7 - photogravure photographs with captions and a little text.


Gentleman sitting on the Tillingbourne Bridge


c 1930s


Vine Cottage in Upper Street

aThanks to Jamie - Please visit his flick website


VIEWS from Both sides of the Tillingbourne Bridge

From the Bridge towards Lower Street

Lower Street from the Tillingbourne bridge
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.


Looking the other way from Lower Street towards the bridge

From my personal postcard collection - Looking more closely...

... You can see a lady with her bicycle along with her dog.. Three old cars and a sign on the house at 1, The Square

The postcard was sent from Netley house and dated October 1972, although the postcard was of Shere in the 1930


Vaughans Bakery

The sign tells us above the door: Bakery of VAUGHAN, Confectionary
Established 1829

John with his bread basket
Many thanks to Phyllis Coates for this photo of her brother taken sometime in the 1930's

VIEW Photo detail


Middle Street - 1932


Post Office and Forrest Stores - 1932
Note the cobbled pavement outside

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Ogdens - Pituresque Villages #38 Cigarette Card - Shere Surrey - Issued in 1936


Middle Street in 1937 - Horse feeding using a nose-bag -


Unsure as to what is hanging from the Barbers pole.



Middle Street in 1938 - Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.


1938 Middle Street with the Old Firestation
C. Summers and Son, barbers on the right
Lavender Lady Tea Rooms just over the bridge with
The White Horse to its left.

1938 - Middle Street, Shere - Slightly closer shot, showing life in the village - Note the 'Cleveland' petrol pumps on the left.

1938 - Looking from the other direction up Middler Street


The Square looking towards the Lavender Lady Tea rooms (Centre) on the corner of Lower Street in 1938

Note one of the Elm Trees is missing

Shere Wooden Footbridge in Upper Street


11th November 1938 - Armistice Day


The Square - John Grover in front of his Grocer Store Children Feeding the Ducks


The Footbridge in Upper Street


The Square


Middle Street

The Square - Rookery Nook is clearly visible on the right


Middle Street

UPDATE - 1956/1957

The above photo has now been dated, thanks to Sheila:

Dear Tristan
I was browsing your excellent website and came across this photo, and it says the year is not known.  I thought you might be interested to know that the lad on the bike is Brian Killick of Church Lane, Shere. The schoolgirl may be one of his sisters, Doreen or Jennifer.

It would be about 1956/1957.  Brian cycled with my brothers, Richard and Colin Foord.  We lived at Virginia Cottage in Church Lane.
The Foord family left the village in 1981, and the Killicks did around the same time.
Best Wishes
Sheila Watts

© copyright photo - VIEW OTHER PHOTOS from SHERE

Other Photo's can be found HERE where you can order high resolution prints from the website
©Country Life Picture Library - Sincere thanks to Paula Fahey, Country Life Picture Library


Upper Street from what was Bill Weller's sweet shop looking East toward the footbridge from the manor house to its kitchen garden.

photo © Mr. Wilmut


Upper Street - Looking the other way under the footbridge

photo © Mr. Wilmut


Unsure as to the date of this photo but I assume its around the 1940's.
Lovely to see another old hotograph of our village.

1944 - World War II

Military vehicles passing through Shere, they may have been from the Worestershire Regiment - 1944 D-day preparations


Shere Homeguard - photo was taken outside the barn (the old theatre) at high House Form


Shere Homeguard - Second from left is Jack Cooper. Ernest Read is fourth from left, and 10th from the left is Jim Rennie

Thanks to Don Longhurst for the following information: Fifth from left was Les Storey. Jack Cooper lived at Pilgrims Way and was a lorry driver for Forrest Stores warehouse (behind the shop) distribution. Ernie Read was the butcher and his shop and house was opposite the school. It was also the slaughterhouse before my time. He was also a keen achaeologist, maybe some of his finds went to Guildford Museum?
Les Storey lived opposite the Prince of Wales and was the blacksmith in Middle Street. Jim Rennie lived in Orchard Road. He was the mill worker for Egerton at Gomshall Mill which closed around 1950 and ? Egerton (brother of the local vicar) took up archery target making in the road to Gravelpits. Jim then worked there. Twelfth from left looks like Harold Lewis the roadsweeper who lived at Pathfields.

Thanks to David Rose for the three photos above - photo copyright: David Rose - Vintage Images

There are some other wartime military photo's of Canadian soldiers at Albury which appears in David's book - Guildford The War Years 1939-45, Graham Collyer and David Rose, Breedon Books, 1999 - out of print, but copies are in Guildford library)

St Catherine's Village website

Again Don tells me "The bit about Canadian Army at Albury is a new one on me. The Canadian Army were certainly billeted on the North Downs above Shere. They build and extensive tarmac road network amongst the trees which exists today. You can access these by going up Effingham Lane (Coombe bottom or Coombe Lane as it now seems to be called). As you go steeply sharp left there is a track straight ahead with some huge concrete blocks either side used to prevent access. Go up there and turn right to Holister Farm. If you continue instead up the steep bit then turn right at the juction into Holister. As you go past Holister you will find the road blocked by a gate. Go through/over/under/round and that is the start of the road system. Alternatively go up London Lane and eventuially you will stumble accross the road. As well as roads the Canadians built water storage tanks from concrete"


Early colour photo of Middle Street.

Michael Ochs


This photo shows the Cleveland Petrol Filling Station - Does anyone know any more about this or have any photos?
The above photo was taken in 1946 and I see that the filling station was still around in the film, 'The Earth Dies Screaming'
(1965 b/w sci-fi movie filmed in Shere) - By the way the films music was scored by Elisabeth Lutyens, whose father, Edwin Lutyens,
designed Manor House Lodge in Shere and the Lych gate at St. James' Church.

Above Image Copyright Ernest Edward Warneford. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Licence.


More Recent Photograph from Clive (son) (The Bridge over the Tilling Bourne at Shere)


The following photo's were taken on 26th October 1947

Looking down Middle Street


You can just make out the Garage Petrol Pump on the left hand side (Now Beaufield Mews and Treacle)


The Prince of Wales Pub (now the William Bray) sign can clearly be seen next to the Cottage which has now been replaced by other homes


Zoomed in on the old Austin 10 car

If anyone has any photos, please drop me an e-mail, so that we can all enjoy a 'Trip down memory lane'.

Shere from above - April 1948

Britain from above
An amazing view of our village just after the second world war in 1948.
A series of five detailed aerial views can be found on the Britain from the website:
Visit the website to view (you have to sign in to access the zoomable maps) - any problems e-mail me

View Full Aerial View

Visit the Shere Aerial Photo page for more views

Shere Village in 1948

Old Houses at Shere
Looking down Gomshall Lane towards the Village Hall


The Tillingbourne flows through the village
Looking towards the 'Lower Street'


Cottages of Charm - The Square
"Grovers" (later to be Collins)


The Square
Flowers of Memory

The above four photo's have been taken from the book,
"The Surrey Hills" by W.A. Poucher
(Chapman & Hall, 1949) PURCHASE

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