Aerial Photographs of Shere

Village views from above - Any elevation photographs other than on Terra Firma

November 1938

11th November 1938 - Armistice Day
This slighly elevated view of rememberance

1944 - World War II

Military vehicles passing through Shere, they may have been from the Worestershire Regiment - 1944 D-day preparations

Thanks to David Rose for the three photos above - photo copyright: David Rose - Vintage Images

Shere from above - April 1948

Britain from above
An amazing view of our village just after the second world war in 1948.
A series of five detailed aerial views can be found on the Britain from above website:
Visit the website to view (you have to sign in to access the zoomable maps) - any problems e-mail me

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Shere from St James'

High up from the Spire
Looking towards 'The Square'

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1962 - Fair in the Square

Shere, Fair in the Square
The remaining ancient Elm tree had recently been removed two years earlier - a single Oak was planted in the space - Thie 'raised' photograph may have been taken from an upstairs window (possibly the Rookery Nook?)


1980s - Aerial View

Shere, NE view
This photo has a lot of detail, so please click the link or the photo, to zoom in.



Similar View as to the above sphoto - Shere, NE view
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2000 - Summer Fair

South View looking down Middle Street - From the Rec.
Note: St. James' Church steeple


2005 - Apple Trees

Apple Trees - From the Rec.
This photo of the old cottage named 'Apple Trees", situated between the two pubs "The Prince of Wales" (William Bray) and "The White Horse" pubs. Many thanks to Steve Cook, who took this photo just before the land was cleared.
"The place had stood empty for quite a while after the death of Mr Clover and in this picture is rather overgrown. The garden in its day was one of the highlights of the Shere Open gardens event. The garden was amazing. Mr Clover had someone in to look after it when his wife was taken ill. He was quite a character, my then next door neighbour John Puttock and I were on the emergency call out and many a time we had to go and pick him up after he had slid out of his chair onto the floor.
As far as I can recall the picture would have been taken late 2005 or early 2006. The picture shows a new looking fence that lines the drive up to the car park. There used to be a very high hedge and tree lining to the drive that would have hidden the garden from view"
- Steve

TODAY - The homes built on the land of "Apple Trees" are called "Hop Gardens" - Special thanks Steve for sharing this with us.

Photo of Shere, Village 1928, ref. 80860

Apple Trees cottage in 1928 (looking up towards Shere Lane - photo © Francis Frith

2011 - Middle Street

Middle Street at Night - December 2011
photo ©2011 - Tristan


Middle Street at Night - December 2011
photo ©2011 - Tristan


Middle Street during the day - October 2011
photo ©2011 - Tristan


Middle Street during the day - October 2011
photo ©2011 - Tristan


Feeding the Ducks - October 2011
photo ©2011 - Tristan

2012 - Middle Street - Sir Bradley Wiggins

Embed from Getty Images

Middle Street - Tour Of Britain Cycle race
Sunday 16th September 2012

2012 - Forrest Place

Forrest Place looking towards Gomshall Lane
November 2012

A month later - Natural Rainbow
Forrest Place looking towards Gomshall Lane
30th December 2012

2013 - Lower Street

Lower Street
19th January 2013

2014 - A Short Film

Welcome to Surrey - Thomas Westcott

This short film was first aired at the Shere Village Cinema on 6th February 2014 and was simply epic on the huge screen.

'Welcome to Surrey', with Tom captioning it as: "This is where I live. I love it."

The video was filmed over Newlands Corner, Silent Pool, Shere, Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill, Gomshall, Abinger Hammer and Guildford.

For those of you who may not be able to access the video, here are some screen captures for you to enjoy and get the flavour of the video

Drone photo of Middle Street, Shere ©Thomas Westcott

Drone photo of Shere, looking towards St. James' Church and to the right, out towards Shere Lane - ©Thomas Westcott

Drone photo of Shere, looking North over St. James' Church -
©Thomas Westcott

Drone photo of Shere, looking North over St. James' Church -
©Thomas Westcott

Drone photo of Shere, looking East-South over St. James' Church - Church Lane - ©Thomas Westcott

The above five screen captures shows our beautiful Village of Shere from the air. If you can view the YouTube video, its breath taking. Great choice of Music from Tom which enhances the viewing experience as well as seeing local areas from the sky such Leith Hill and Guildford.
Special thanks to Tom Westcott

2014 - Middle Street

Middle Street - Shot during the filming of Professor Branestawn
photo ©BBC

2016 - The Square

The Square taken from the Rookery Nook Guest House*
photo ©Nadege Debonte: (Apr 2016)


Another view of The Square taken from the Rookery Nook*

*Jill and Chris Capstick welcome you to their cosy 15th Century Grade 2 listed house.

2016 - View from East Lodge

Upper Street

Upper Street/Middle Street junction

The Pump House, Lower Street

July 2016 - View from the roof tops of Forrest Place

View from the roof tops of 8 Forrest Place



Looking West - North to the right (Gomshall Lane)
and South to the left (Wellers Court)



Looking North - East to the right (old telephone excahnge)
and West to the left (Middle Street)



Looking East - South to the right (Wellers Court) and
North to the left (Old Telephone Exchange)