Quiz Questions - Closing date: Monday 23rd December 2013 at 5pm

First Prize a Sweet Hamper from Shere Delights

01. How many years has the Bray Family been Lord of the Manor of Shere?
02. Who might drive you crazy at this shop?
03. What was the old English name of Shere, and in what road might you find a house of this name?
04. Which business has had many famous visitors, including George Clooney?
05. Which battle resulted in Reginald Bray becoming first Lord of the Manor of Shere?
06. Which shop was visited by a very wet Jeremy Clarkson?
07. What did Reginald Bray find in a thornbush?
08. Which business would go well with porridge?
09. In which royal church is the Bray family most famously remembered?
10. Which two Shere-based businesses are top of their league?
11. What is the name of the implement used in the Bray crest, and what was it used for?
12. What have the Wild West and Shere got in common?
13. What animals do the Parish Council own, and where do they live?
14. This business needs a French wind to solve the clue!
15. What was the building, now housing the public loos, previously used for?
16. Which shop was used as a cafe in the filming of the Hollywood romcom ‘The Holiday’?
17. Who was walled up in a cell in St James’s Church?
18. Which shop has a multi-tasking owner who is in charge of looking after the ducks?
19. Who was St James and what was his job?
20. Which business is always welcoming?
21. Why are Shere residents starting to eat more popcorn?
22. What festive flavours of ice-cream are now for sale at Shere Delights?
23. Which Bishop’s actions caused the ‘Battle of Shere’?
24. Which business has the answer 16?
25. Which famous architect designed the lychgate and Dabbling Duck?
26. Which joint of ham helps to sell houses?
27. A very famous actor used to perform at the Barn Theatre. Who was he?
28. Which shop has been used as a location in Foyle’s War, The Holiday and the Wedding Date, to name but a few?
29. Which fragrant flower used to be grown outside Shere, and still gives its name to a house in The Square?
30. Which shop has gone from one type of kitchen to another?
31. Why is the swimming pool historically so significant?
33. Which hostelry is also a type of foamy wave?
Tie-breaker (limit 10 extra words): I love Shere because --------------------------------------------------------

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next to the Question Number.

Alternatively if you have no access to a printer, just write the question numbers on a plain piece of paper along with your answers.

Place in an envelope with a £1 entry fee into Clarke, Gammon, Wellers, Middle Street, Shere.
Please write your name and telephone number clearly on the envelope.

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Please write your name and telephone number clearly on the envelope.

Shere Goodwill Evening

The aim of the late night shopping evening is not only to celebrate our wonderful selection of shops and get everyone in the festive spirit, but also to raise money for the Philippine Typhoon  Appeal. The Bring and Buy sale will be located in The Forge for the evening.  The Christmas lights will be on, and there will be carol singers, a Shere quiz, and hopefully plenty of festive spirit, so please tell your customers, friends and family so that they can come along to support this very worthwhile event.

Most shops will be open from 5.30 until late, there will be mulled wine and mince pies, carol singing, plus a Shere Quiz (first prize a hamper of sweets from Shere Delights). There will be a giant home-made bring and buy in The Forge (opposite Welcome), so please drop any handmade goodies – either edible or handicrafts - in from 2pm onwards. All charitable proceeds will go towards the Philippines Typhoon Appeal.