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1904 - Hand tinted/colour postcard

Continuing the recent postings of various postcards, this interesting 'hand coloured/tinted' card was posted in1904 - 115 years ago!! I have only seen a black and white version of this postcard, so very excited to share this with you:

click above image to view detail

An elderly gentleman walks away from the black and white iconic 'Chantry Lane Cottage' carrying a "bundle of sticks".

21st March 2019

abt. 1930 - Lower Street

This rare newly discovered postcard is dated around 1930, so we can assume that the photo was taken sometime in the 1920s.

click above image to view detail

Time seems to have stood still in Lower Street over the past 100 years. Very few places have, sadly.

10th March 2019

St James' - Church Lane

This illustrated postcard reminded me of the 1880 painting by John White, who's painted geographical location was unknown but we in Shere uncovered. The trees and five-bar gate at the end of Church Lane triggered the comparison.

The postcard illustration needs more research, other than the simple M.H. intials, its difficult to date. The story was published on this website on the 'paintings' page. For those of you who may not have discovered or read the story, here it is again:


The discovery of the lost location.


Painter: John White (1851–1933)

The painting named 'The Village Christening' by painter John White has had its painting location identified by myself, Tristan Greatrex.

The BBC have a website dedicated to ARTS & CULTURE. In collaboration with the PCF (Public Catalogue Foundation), the painted location was unknown.


'St. James' Church, Shere, Surrey.

Distinctive steps up to door and has the same configuration of windows.
Same artist (John White) also painted 'A Village Wedding, Shere Church, Surrey' a year later in 1881.
(Oil on canvas, 170.9 x 117.2 cm - Collection: Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Devon). This location is due to John White having retired in 1931 and lived in Beer, Devon.

He died on the 21st December 1933.

Another notable fact which helped solve the mystery, painter John White lived at Shere from 1877 to 1882.

10th March 2019

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

March issue of our Parish magazine:

March 2019 - front cover
Parish's thanks to our Fantastic Five!
March 2019 - rear cover
Congratulations to Shere's centenarian couple!

click images to view

Spring, Lent & new starts: Rosemary Mason
New Rector's message from Dubai
Lent focus on Les Miserables
Peaslake Players' musical triumph

This and other news, the new 92 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

As mentioned on the last post regarding John Ellenger who, sadly passed away at the end of December, a full page obituary appears on page 36. We send our love and thoughts to Liz and all John's family.

Deadline for news/info regarding the April Edition of the Parish Magazine will be noon on Monday, March 18th.
e-mail: shuttlesmag@gmail.com

11th February 2019

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

February issue of our Parish magazine:

February 2019 - front cover
The Surrey Hills are alive...Young cast members...
February 2019 - rear cover
A winter's morning at Newlands Corner

click images to view

New Rector's installation next month
Exploring our stories
Shock closure of The William Bray

This and other news, the new 96 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

I would like to mention the sad news that a dear friend to this village website, John Ellenger, passed away at the end of December. Page 28 of the Parish Magazine announces the sad news and the plan is that the March issue of the PM will feature a full obituary.
We send our love and thoughts to Liz and all John's family.

4th February 2019

1929 - The Square

This final photo in a series of four, taken in The Square.

click above images to view

Dated 28th June 1929, just two and a half years prior to this, AGATHA CHRISTIE, the undisputed queen of crime and who has sold millions of books across the world. But in a bizarre case of life imitating art, the

strangest story of all concerns the night that she faked her own death at Newlands Corner in December 1926, walked to Shere and then vanished into thin air...

1st February 2018

1931 - Junction of Gomshall Lane/Middle Street/Upper Street

This third photo in a series of four, taken at the junction of Middle Street/Upper Street and looking towards Gomshall Lane. 'Bank Terrace' can be seen on the right and Vine Cottages on the left.

click above images to view

The photo was also taken in support of the 'much talked about' Shere by-pass (see December 16th post below). Note: The corner shop, currently named 'Cuckoo Corner', still retains the render on the top half of the building hiding the beautiful wood structure that we now see today.

Does anyone know the make and model of the car?

16th December 2018

August 1932 - 'The barbers pole'

This photo from a newspaper archive, dated and stamped on the rear:

Middle Street - August 1932
rear photo: date/details

click above images to view detail

This second of four original photos recently uncovered (first of these can be seen on the December 16th entry below). The third photo will be posted next week.

10th January 2019


What a great way to start the year with some exciting NEWS regarding our Parish magazine

The first issue of the Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish magazine of 2019 is OUT NOW

January 2019 - front cover
New Year, new dawn - and a new Rector! (photo Amanda Barnicoat)
January 2019 - rear cover
Full steam ahead into 2019 ...
(photo by Jonathan Cross)

click images to view detail

Two special news (Parish Magazine related) items from The Editor:
1. Pat stands down from Mag distribution role:
Pat Nelson is standing down as Parish Magazine Distribution Manager for Shere and Gomshall after more than 30 years in the role. You can read about this in detail on page 4 of the magazine. Thank you Pat from all of us in the Parish.

2. Parish Mag to go online - after a pause!
This exciting development is in its finalising stage. Its great to see just how much our Parish Magazine is keeping abreast with the times and there is no need to worry as the printed magazine will always be three months ahead of the online version. The Editor, Tim Austin, explains all in the magazine.

This time last year, he very first issue of the January 2018 Parish Magazine was produced and printed in full-colour, hot on the heels of collecting the 2017 National Parish Magazine Awards for the 'Best content' catagory.

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing monthly magazine that keeps us all connected in so many different ways - thank you to all the editorial team for producing such a wonderful link to our community.

This months magazine cover photo's : ©2019 National Trust Ranger Amanda Barnicoat (front) and ©2019 Jonathan Cross (rear - Parish Magazine's Chief Photographer)

Shere/Peaslake/Gomshall Parish Magazine

5th January 2019

Merry Christmas

ABOVE - the first ever Christmas card designed by a famous by-gone Shere resident

1843 - Shere is the home of the Christmas Card as the former resident
Sir Henry Cole
(Seaforth Cottage, opposite the village school) was 'The Man who Invented the Christmas Card'

(This was an amazing year as Charles Dickens also wrote and published 'A Christmas Carol' in December 1843)

Three years earlier, in 1840, Cole was credited with being instrumental in revamping the postal system and creating the first self-adhesive postage stamp: the Penny Black.

Sir Henry Cole was also close friends with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Cole accepted the commission from the Royals organize the Great Exhibition of 1851. This merging of art, industry and manufacturing was so successful that there followed similar exhibitions in London and Paris, and it was instrumental in reforming the patent laws a year later.

Sir Henry Cole also founded the VICTORIA & ALBERT museum in London. We should be very proud of our village and the connection to these amazing events/milestones in History.


You can READ MORE DETAIL HERE on Sir Henry Cole and Shere


Tristan - Shere Delight Village website

17th December 2018

Sept 1931 - Middle Street

Original photo of Middle Street uncovered. A professional newspaper photo, dated and stamped on the rear:

click above images to view

The photo was taken in support of the 'much talked about' Shere by-pass. Its interesting to note that the traffic and the motor car was starting to become a concern so early in the 1930s. But it was to take another 29 years of discussion and planning before the Shere by-pass was built.

16th December 2018

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

The final Parish magazine of 2018 and as ever an amazing year for the Editor, Tim Austin and his editorial team. On page 8, Tim talks about the years milestones and the work that ittakes to deliver such an outstanding publication.

December 2018 - front cover
A joyous Christmas to all our readers!
December 2018 - rear cover
Shere's historic 2018 Village Photo Sunday, November 11th

click images to view

Christmas traditions: the Rev Andrew Pearson
Special services for Advent & Christmas
Remembrance in our Parish
Getting to know the new Surgery team

This and other news, the new 96 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

To echo the editors sincere thanks, the village website would like to thank The Editor (Tim Austin) for his amazing work ethic and his amazing team: advertising manager, editorial helpers, deputy editors, photographers, street deliverers, printer, all contributors and the Ministry Team for suporting the team to help us 'keep in touch' with our community.

Finally I was very excited about the back page of the Parish Magazine - 'Shere's historic 2018 Village Photo' which was taken on Sunday November 11th, Armistice Day. Sadly this passed me by but was so pleased that such an idea - thank you Marsha Walton - was acted upon.

Please call into the Shere Museum to have your name included in the list of people shown in the photo - there is a list waiting for your name to be added.
The Shere Museum opening times are 2-5pm every Saturday and Sunday. Further information can be read on page 29 on the Parish Magazine in the article titled: 'Crowds pack The Square for the Shere Village Photo'

Magazine cover photo's ©2018 Jonathan Cross (Parish Magazine's Chief Photographer)

3rd December 2018

1938 - Hurtwood School, Peaslake

I have received an email from ex-Hurtwood School pupil, Anna Gray. Its rare that we get an e-mail regarding life and memories from so long ago, 80 years in fact, so this article warrants special attention.

Anna and her sister, Janice attended the school from the summer of 1938 to the summer of 1939. In her e-mail, Anna writes:
"The School took a small number of children between the ages of 3 and 14, as well as caring, during the holidays, for children whose parents were abroad.

Janice and Anna

We started at Hurtwood School in the summer term 1938 when I was six (born 13.2.32) and Janice was probably just five, as she was born 18.5.33

Above: 1936 postcard showing the newly built Hurtwood School

It was a most advanced school for the time, with the building having been constructed in 1929, along very modernistic lines, quite out of keeping with the rest of the village. 

Above: Photos from the school prospectus

We were there for a year, firstly as weekly boarders but latterly stayed full time, leaving only when war broke out, and Father was posted to Dartmouth College (as he was called back into the Navy) and Mother found another school for us in Penzance, from whence her family came. That school couldn’t have been more different, and if you have ever read 'The Shell Seekers' you can imagine what it was like, as 'Rosamunde Pilcher' was there at much the same time (but is nearly eight years older than me). I once wrote to her and told her what I thought of the place, but she replied very tactfully. I not only recognised it, but knew two girls on whom she must have based some of her writing.

We never returned to the South East, although on one occasion just after the war Father took us back to visit Miss Jewson, our old Head Mistress who was still at Hurtwood School.

In 1958 I went to live in Southern Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - and only returned to this country in 1992, settling in Suffolk where I still live.  However some years ago Janice and I were able to meet and make a trip over to Peaslake to try and find our old school, which we did.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and as we drove up to the school. We recognised it at once. We knocked on the front door which was open, but received no response, and it soon became evident that the whole place was deserted. We therefore wandered round to the back and gazed in disbelief at what we remembered as an almost Olympic sized swimming pool, into which we had been dropped on the end of a rope and expected to swim. Unluckily I had met a frog, which put me off swimming for many years!. We were amazed on this occasion to see that the pool was in fact very small indeed.

I seem to recall that we eventually found someone in the village who told us that there was a fete on somewhere and everyone must have gone to that. I would just love to know what happened to it, and should be most grateful if you have any information you could let me have. I have the school prospectus, which I could photocopy and forward should you be interested"

Anna has since sent me the scans of the Hurtwood School prospectus from 1938, hard to believe its 80 years ago. I have created a PDF document so that you can read it in full.

Click this link to read the school prospectus or
click on the cover to the left.


Anna also attached scans of the Hurtwood School prospectus from this time, 1938. I have created a PDF document so that you can read it in full. Click this link to read the school prospectus.

Can anyone help Anna regarding the information she seeks?

My research so far:

I initially thought that the Hurtwood School could now be the 'Peaslake Free School' as this was set up in 1880 and rebuilt in the late 1920's but the buildings look different. Anna mentioned that she recognised the building and the swimming pool,

so on further research...

1936 - Hurtwood School
click photo to view detail
Today - Hurtwood House boarding
school. click photo or link

...I have found out that Hurtwood House Boarding School now uses the old Hurtwood School building as one of its boarding houses.
Website | FB page

Hurtwood House is a Co-educational Senior Boarding School and is the only independent boarding school specialising exclusively in the Sixth Form. Hurtwood House is also widely recognised as having the best Creative and Performing Arts and Media departments in the country and is therefore especially attractive to aspiring actors, directors, film directors, dancers, singers, artists and fashion designers. source

Please e-mail me if you have any stories or know of anyone who may have attended the Hurtwood School.

29th November 2018

1950s - Vintage photo

NEWLY UNCOVERED PHOTO: Taken sometime in the 1950s at the top of the Middle Street (Gomshall Lane/Upper Street) Junction. It's lovely to see the cobbled pavement outside the shops.

20th November 2018

Centenary of the end of the
First World War 1918/2018


Above is the bronze plaque bearing the names of thirty three brave men from our Parish (Shere, Gomshall and Peaslake). The plaque can be viewed on the inner northern wall of St. James' church in Shere.

The Shere Parish Magazine,

click image to view
March 1921, reported that at a SHERE MEMORIAL COMMITTEE meeting that Dr. Cory presented plans and drawings for a memorial window to commemorate the fallen.

Above photo: The Stained Glass Window depicting St. George
click image to view

Joseph T. ATKINS
Leonard CUMPER
Frederick EDE
Frederick H. FOORD
George H. GROVER
Charles JACK
Benjamin E. LEADER
George A. MURRAY
George W. PIZZEY
George W. SWEET
Algernon R. TAYLOR
Geoffrey L. WATSON



Left Photo: The stained Glass Window depicting St. George along with the dedicatory inscription within the glass at base reads :"To the glory of God and to the honour of the men of this parish who fell in the Great War."

click image to view

Left photo postcard:
In February 1921 the Shere War Memorial Cross was unveiled consisting of a 'nameless' stone cross. Location: The Square, Shere, Guildford, GU5 9HG.
OS grid: TQ 07443 47785

Design: Floriated Maltese cross on cylindrical shaft, circular plinth and five stepped base.

Designed by Dr Isaac Rising Cory (1860-1945)

The Graphic - November 13th 1920 - READ FULL ARTICLE

Interesting to see that Edwin Lutyens was invited to design the Shere War Memorial (a couple of days earlier the Lutyens designed) "The Cenotaph, Whitehall" in London was opened on 11th November 1920. The villagers of Shere however decided to turn their back onto the famous designer, who had designed various buildings in and around Shere:
1892 - Summers’ Barber’s Shop (now "The Dabbling Duck" tea rooms) was designed for Charles Summers, Barber & Shoemaker.
1892 - Lutyens’s cottages (Shere cottages) in Upper Street.
1894 - East Lodge with its prominent green gable.
1902 - Lych gate at the entrance to St James' Church

Two months later (Feb 1921) after the article was published, the War Memorial was unveiled in Shere and designed by Dr Isaac Rising Cory.

When the men of Shere returned from serving in the First World War the Parish wanted to honour them, by building and completing the present Village Hall. This was completed in 1922 and again designed by Dr Isaac Rising Cory.

click image to view

The then Original Parish Hall (the current location of the Shere Museum), was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1898 then became available for The Shere Working Men's Club. The Shere Working Men's Club closed in 1997 and the hall lay empty until 2006 when a team of volunteers started work on converting the building to house the village museum.

click image to view

You will see on various old postcard's a Gun sitting next to the Tillingbourne river (opposite the duck house) - This gun was to commerate the finish of World War 1 and was in place between the two World wars (1918 to 1940). In 1940 the gun was taken away and used as Scrap Iron for the Second World war effort.

Dr Isaac Rising Cory (1860-1945) was an extremley important figure in the village of Shere. He lived at Pilgrims Garth.
Dr. Cory was
• the village Doctor
• member of the Surrey Red Cross team
• member of the Shere and Albury Fire Brigade.
• founder members of the local scout troop
• designer of the village Hall
• designer of the village Swimming Pool
• designer of the village War Memorial
• designer of the memorial window in St. James'
• Holmbury St Mary WW1 Prisoner of war camp physician

11th November 2018

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

November 2018 ISSUE - Cover
Lest we forget ... 100 years on
November 2018 rear cover
Thank you for the music ...

click images to view

Remembrance: John Aston Letter - Nick and Hazel's farewell weekend - Fiulming this month in Peaslake
This and other news, the new 96 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

8th November 2018

E. Grover

Grovers in The Square - click on photo to enlarge

After last weeks post showing the queue during the war, here is a relaxed photo of Mr. Grover during this period (although on second thoughts, judging by the sign, it could be during the thirtees or sometime after the war as the shop sign looks new). It would be fascinating to find out who else is the photo. Is it family or villagers just visiting?

7th November 2018


Grovers in The Square - click on photo to enlarge

There were queues everywhere during World War II but none were longer than those outside shops. Here, the people of Shere patiently queue outside the fish shop at GROVERS and, among them, with the muffler, is one of the village's more distinguished residents,
Lord Pethick-Lawrence, Secretary of State for India and Burma.
Lord Pethick-Lawrence liked to do the weekend shopping which he regarded as a happy relaxation from his work in politics.

Thanks to Peter at Historic Pictures Gallery for the above information.

Due to this I have spent some time researching Frederick William Lawrence. Born: 28th December 1871. Died: 10th September 1961
British politician who was a leader of the woman suffrage movement in Great Britain during the first two decades of the 20th century; he later served (1945–47) as secretary of state for India and Burma (now Myanmar).

In 1901 Lawrence married Emmeline Pethick, a fellow social worker in the East End of London, and added her family name to his own. Together they assailed their nation’s prosecution of the South African War (1899–1902) and then became leaders in the agitation for woman suffrage. Pethick-Lawrence spent nearly all his considerable inheritance paying suffragists’ fines; and in 1912, after a demonstration in London, he served a few months in jail.

A Socialist and Labour Party member, he defeated Winston Churchill, at that time a Liberal, in the 1923 election to the House of Commons from West Leicester. In Ramsay MacDonald’s second Labour ministry (1929–31) he was financial secretary to the Treasury. Secretary of state for India and Burma (August 1945–April 1947) in the Labour government of Clement Richard (afterward 1st Earl) Attlee. He was created a baron in 1945.
Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica


Additional information - Spartacus Educational


Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence Blue Plaque

The Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre

photo: The Plaque © Royston Williamson 2018
4th November 2018

June 1946

Embed from Getty Images

A Quiet Street View - The village without a motor car in sight.
29th October 2018

130,000 website visits

Thank you to everyone who has visited our Shere Village website

24th October 2018

World War II (1939-45)
Rare Postcard by permission of the Prime Minister

Postcard Cover

Rear postcard printed: Published by permission of the Prime Minister

click images to view

Features a photographic portrait of Winston Churchill alongside the quote ‘We shall defend every Village, every Town and every City...’ -

Shows a photograph of our beautiful village of Shere with illustrations of British soldiers around it - published by the Photochrom Co Ltd
‘by permission of the Prime Minister’

22nd October 2018

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

October 2018 ISSUE - Cover
Our fondest farewells to Nick and Hazel
October 2018 rear cover
Faith and Grace tackle the Hill Climb

click images to view

Farewell tributes to Nick and Hazel: the road from restoration to retirement - Nick and Hazel Whitehead will leave The Rectory in Shere this month after 8.5 years of immensly successful ministry in our Parish... ...May we wish them God speed!
This and other news:
Rector's Letter and tributes
Bishop blesses the St James' lavatory
Holiday Club report and pictures
All the fun of Peaslake Fair
Sun shines on Shere Hill Climb

The new 96 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

5th October 2018

6th November 1946
KLM Airline Accident at Shere

Following up from the feature regarding the KLM airline accident, the above photo has been purchased. Taken by the Award winning press photographer Geoffrey White. He worked from the 1940s through to the 1980s for various publications such as The Daily Graphic, Daily Sketch and The Daily Mail. A highly respected photographer who was given passes to attend major events.

This original 10" x 14" original press photo of the KLM Airline - Dakota crash at Shere (Nov 1946). You can see that Geoff White has hand written on the top left hand side of this photo:

Visit the accident webpage

Train crash - 1934

The final two uncovered photographs belonging to Miss E Frost of Crossing Gate Lodge, Gomshall, dated 1934.

I have tried to enhance the photo's:

You can clearly see a man standing next to the loco.

This may be a clue to the story posted bck in 2009, regarding a train crash thought to be during World War II - Full story below - Was this just a confusion with dates or totally unrelated?

Does anyone know anything about the following story, posted HERE

Crash at Gomshall, Surrey - Second World War?

"My Uncle was a fireman on the Southern Railway. I have a photograph of a smashed up locomotive. The story that has been past down to me over the years is roughly as follows: My Uncle was on the footplate of a freight train, carrying shells in a southern direction through Gomshall station. I am led to believe an express passenger train was given priority and my Uncle's train was diverted off the main line and crashed into a siding at Gomshall. I have trawled the internet and can only find a record of a crash at Gomshall in 1904. This has led to me questioning the story behind the photo I have in my possession. If anyone has any information on the authenticty of this accident I would love to hear from them, and if there is a possible line of investigation I will download a copy of the photo to aid any research" Alan T.

It would be wonderful if we could see the photo that Alan has in his possession - This was posted almost 10 years ago however (2009).

If anyone could help out on this, please contact.

Visit the Gomshall and Shere Train Station webpage

Gomshall and Shere Train Station

Another great photo, again from a disbound album belonging to Miss E Frost of Crossing Gate Lodge, Gomshall under the section 'photos dated 1928-35'

Further photo's can be viewed on the Train Station page

14th September 2018

Railway Crossing and Gate House

Two sepia photographs have emerged, labelled 'Gomshall Lane railway crossing' and 'The Gate House'. From a disbound album belonging to Miss E Frost of Crossing Gate Lodge, Gomshall,
with photos dated 1928-35.

Although labelled 'Gomshall Lane', I assume this is the 'Burrows Lane/Queen Street' crossing - can anyone help to confirm this? If so, please contact me

Further photo's can be viewed on the Train Station page

4th September 2018

Shere - 1921

The Stream - Shere 1921

NEWLY UNCOVERED PHOTO: This 97 year old photo of two ladies sitting on the wall with the Lavender Lady Barn in the background. The First World War Carriage Gun sits next to the Tillingbourne. This gun was placed to commerate the finish of World War 1 and was in place between the two World wars (1918 to 1940). In 1940 the gun was taken away and used as Scrap Iron for the Second World war effort.
The trees are silver birch, not the willow trees we have today. We can also see 'The Pound' with its original gate. There were two gates to the pound. Click photo to view

A view of Middle Street in 1921 will be posted later this week, stay tuned...

The above photo was taken from the opposite direction 10 years later.

12th August 2018

Shere - pre-1900 painting

Painter - Hugh Nisbett 1849 - 1923

Size: 41.2 x 20.6cm (16.2" x 8.1")

Now on sale on e-bay - VIEW

Can anyone identify the cottages in the painting?
e-mail me if you do, love to hear from you.

8th August 2018

Uncovered painting - 1887

1887 - This remarkable story of a painting hidden behind a 'moderist' piece of work. Mr. Karl Donaldson has just contacted me with this fascinating story:
"I found the painting at a boot sale. The frame had no glass but carried a signed print by the artist Mary Stork. The print was still in the original cellophane wrapper. The backing of the frame had been pulled away on one edge and the print pushed in, the cellophane acting as glass - it actually looked terrible and very distorted but had apparently been hanging on the wall like this for some years! - although I suspect it helped preserve the colours on the little gem underneath."

Click on the photo's to view  

"If I may explain further.  A recent acquisition was a small modernist work which had been fitted into a 19th century frame. When I opened the frame I uncovered a lovely impressionist watercolour of a cottage hidden beneath. Suffering from foxing it is nevertheless still crisp with strong colours and clearly undertaken by a talented hand.  The painting is inscribed 'at Shiere' (bottom left) and initialed RJ and dated 87 (undoubtedly for 1887) bottom right."

Early spelling of 'Shere' Initials RJ

The little gem underneath, I recognise as a painting of High House from the wooden footbridge leading from the Swimming Pool field to St. James' Church.

You can see from the illustration below by painter William Biscombe Gardner that the painting is indeed High House Farm

Uncovered painting Similar view by Gardner

The dimensions of the actual painting are approximately 25 x 17 cm

Can anyone help us locate information on the painter 'RJ'? What do the initials 'RJ' stand for?

please e-mail me with any info you may have

2nd August 2018

Lower Street 1889

1889 - This rare 129 year old photo has been uncovered by NI Books in East Sussex of Lower Street looking towards The Square and the Tillingbourne Bridge.

Its a lovely glimpse into Victorian life in Shere with a lady pushing her pram, observed by two villagers and a cart parked on the corner of the Lavender Ladye - Click on the photo's above to view more detail

31st July 2018

The Square - Maypole dance

1904 - Fair in the Square - The annual Shere May festival.

This rare 114 year old postcard gives us a real glimpse back in time. The wonderful fashion of the Edwardian era (1901 – 1910) and a large turnout of villagers watching the Maypole dance. This annual festival was known as 'Fair In The Square'.
In the background we see 'SANDERS, Grocer & Draper' (now 'Shere Shop') with 'Vaughans' to the right.

Click on the above postcard image to see more detail - You can read to the right of the shop name, "Ready made clothing"

24th July 2018

Willow Trees, Lower Street

Willow Trees Lower Street, Shere - the trees have had a haircut:

Shere Parish Council posted the above information entry on on their Facebook page.

The Willow Trees...

... alongside the village stream in Lower Street, were planted in 1953 to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

The above magazine cover photo titled
"Daffodils Under the Willows: Shere, Surrey" appeared in the
13th April 1967 issue - 14 years on.

Visit the SPC FB page to keep up to date with any parish news or head over to the Shere Parish Council website.

8th July 2018

Shere School PTA Summer Fair

Saturday 7th July
11am - 3pm. Shere Recreation Field (Behind the Village Hall)

Shere Infant and Nursery School PTA Summer Fair
combined with 42k, Half Marthon & 10k Event.
Shere Infant and Nursery School FB page | website

This years Shere 42k, half marathon and 10k multiterrain event is open to trail runners, walkers, nordic walkers and canicross. FB page


5h July 2018

Rare Shere postcard uncovered

This rare postcard shows a young girl standing at the Tillingbourne bridge at the end of Middle Street.
Click the above photo to view more detail.

The bridge is a Grade II Listed Building - This and all other listings in Shere can be viewed HERE

6th July 2018

Historic Footbridge - January 1966

Upper Street - January 1966: Thank you to Wendy Lydall for sharing this photo with us - Added to the Historical Footbridge web page

27th June 2018

TODAY - 24th June
8 page guide

1 week to go...
... Exclusive, 40th Anniversary Garden Map revealed

When: Sunday 24th June 2018 - click on map for larger image
See Garden Details below

17th June 2018

Shere Open Gardens 2018
- 40th Anniversary

This is a huge celebration for the village of Shere, the 40th Anniversary of the Shere Open Gardens event, organised to raise money for a variety of village charities.

When: Sunday 24th June 2018

Where:  Shere, off A25 half way between Guildford and Dorking

Time:  2pm – 6pm

FREE Parking: provided (well signposted)

Refreshment:  Teas served at the Village Hall

Entry: Adults: £7; OAPs/over 65's: £6; Children under 16: FREE. 
Tickets are available at the village hall and selected gardens, ask parking attendants for the nearest point.
No dogs (other than Guide Dogs)

Shere Open Gardens
Official Website
Shere Open Gardens
Facebook page
18th May 2018

1968 - Do Not Adjust Your Set - Sir David Jason (OBE) as 'CAPTAIN FANTASTIC' in Shere.. with a huge robot - 50 years ago!!

above photo: Sir David Jason OBE - © (Image: Surrey Advertiser)

Do Not Adjust Your Set was a British TV comedy sketch series produced originally by Thames Television (Rediffusion, London). Transmitted on the ITV channel from 26 December 1967 to 14 May 1969. The series starred members of the yet to be created "Monty Pythons Flying Circus" (two years before): Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin. Also starring was Denise Coffey, Sir David Jason OBE and the 'Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band'.

This sketch was fimed in Shere with David Jason playing 'Captain Fantastic', some 50 years ago - The programme's first series was directed Humphrey Barclay (born in Dorking) Humphrey was also known for producing the BBC radio series, I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again and TV's Desmond's, Two's Company and Look Back in Anger.

VIEW ALL 17 images of the filming at Shere from the getSURREY gallery -

Read the full article at getSURREY's website

12th May 2018


Full clip on YouTube

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

May 2018 ISSUE - Cover
Bluebells on the Downs
May 2018 rear cover
All smiles for SALV's new Chairman

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NEWS that Nick and Hazel Whitehead are to retire and leave our Parish on September 30th - This and other news:
STOP PRESS: Rector to retire
May Day & Mayday! The Rev Rosemary Mason
Changes to doctors' team at Shere Surgery
The floral glory of Easter

The new 92 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

27th April 2018

5 reasons to Fall in Love with Shere


27th April 2018

Milestone - 125,000 page visits

Thank you to everyone

Our Village website, www.sheredelight.com, reached One Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand visitors (125,000) on Thursday 26th April 2018. Since the start of this website in July 2011, the vsitor numbers have been accelerating year on year. Having reached a landmark number of 100,000 in Feb 2017, we now have 25% more visitors in just over a year. Google "Shere" and this website ranks top of the list at number 3, with "Shere - Wikipedia" listed first. An amazing achievement considering that we do not advertise or pay for web rankings. Its all due to everyone who visits the website or searches for "Shere", so thank you to every visitor for your support, 125,000 thank you's. Tristan

27th April 2018

Benjamin Williams Leader
- Pencil drawings

There has been a lot of paintings, illustrations and sketches going to auction of late and here is another amazing find. This time by one of England's most outstanding late Victorian landscape and coastal painters. Famous for his paintings of St. James' Church, Benjamin is buried in the churchyard, along with his family.

Going under the hammer at Gerrards Auction Rooms on
May 3rd 2018 - Medium: Pencil - Size: 5.5 x 8.3/4 Inches


22nd April 2018

Edwin Adam Proctor 1898

I stumbled across this on twitter and immediately knew where this location was - The 120 year old painting, titled 'Watering at the Village Ford', painted s&d 1898. I'll try and find out more about this, but for now here is the link:

31st March 2018

Albury Village

This excellent History Society website, from our neighbouring village, ALBURY. A great source of information.


31st March 2018

Shere Pound - 17th/18th March

Goal to raise money for a memorial bench in Shere.

As first reported in this months Shere Parish magazine (Page 31), Sasha Cook is planning to raise enough money to purchase a memorial bench in Shere so we can all remember Ben her late brother, Ben Cook. Sasha has started a business in order to raise £2,000 and is setting up a ‘pop up’ shop in the Pound this weekend. Please try and come along to support the family.


15th March 2018

Shere 1920-30

This amazing photo of Middle Street was taken sometime between 1920 and 1930.

A huge thanks to Bill for allowing us to display and enjoy his Grandfathers photo of our village.
photo ©George T. Collis, all rights reserved.

Photographs page

12th March 2018

Paintings of Shere, up for Auction

Local Art Dealer's Collection Going under the hammer at Ewbank's
Oils, Watercolours and Prints from single owner on sale in March 22nd.

Ewbank’s, Surrey’s leading auction house, has a fascinating collection of almost 50 paintings, mostly depicting Shere and the Surrey Hills, going on sale as part of its Fine Art auction on March 22nd.

Two paintings, out of the collection for auction:
Knapps Cottage (left) and Tudor Cottage (right)

This single-owner collection was put together over almost 20 years by Stephen Furniss, an antiques dealer who was based in Shere from the early 1980s until 2000. It was during his time in the village that Furniss began his collection of local views in oils and watercolours, as well as a handful of prints. Prior to moving to Shere, he worked at Bonhams Auctioneers throughout the 1970s, where he worked his way from a porter, to head of the collectors’ department. CONTINUE READING

The auction is on Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 10am and the full catalogue will be online from 9th March 2018.

Live internet bidding through:
 and www.ewbankauctions.co.uk

Ewbank’s: 01483 223101 or email: valuations@ewbankauctions.co.uk 

2nd March 2018


9th March 2018

Shere Museum

Shere Museum has a new website: https://www.sheremuseum.co.uk.

Additional pages and features such as the volunteers' rota and social media interface are currently in development and will be added in the as part of the next phase. Thanks to Shere resident, Anna Kingston for her devotion and expertise in creating the new website and to the Museum Trustees and Management Committee for their tireless work in making it all happen.

Shere Museum

27th February 2018

Nigel is still missing

Nigel is still missing from his home in Pathfields, Shere. If anyone knows of his whereabouts or has kindly taken him in, please drop us a note.

Please e-mail if you have news - Thank you.


25th February 2018

1957 - The Hypnotist

Having posted last week about the continuing uncovering of unknown films where Shere is the film location,

I can reveal that the 1957, The Hypnotist (also known as Scotland Yard Dragnet) has also come to light. Starring the original Doctor Who actor, William Hartnell.

View more scenes and thanks to: REELSTREETS

FILM PAGE | Details added to the FILM page

18th February 2018

1948 - Dick Barton Special Agent

I am staggered at just how many more films get uncovered where our village has been used as a film location.
This time the 1948 film Dick Barton Special Agent

Car drives down Lower Street, turns left into Middle Street, over the Tillingbourne.

Following scene, the car pulls up outside Bodryn in Middle Street

FILM PAGE | Details added to the FILM page

8th February 2018

Parish Magazine, Full-colour issue

The very first issue of the January 2018 Parish Magazine to be produced and printed in full-colour. Up until the end of last year, the Parish Magazine's front, rear and four centre pages were printed in colour. As of January 2018, the magazine will be produced and printed in full-colour throughout.

Following up on December 2017 issue: AWARD WINNERS

Best content in the 2017 National Parish Magazine Awards

January 2018 - click to read | - Ref: Page 4 of the December 2017 issue

Parish Magazine

January 2018

Parish Magazine
- Award

Congratulations to Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine Editor, Tim Austin and his team for the 'Best content' in the 2017 National Parish Magazine Awards

December 2017 - click to read | - See page 5 of the January 2018 issue

Parish Magazine

January 2018

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Shere as a Film location

The village has been the home to various film locations,
such as The Wedding Date (Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney)
Wedding scenes and shots of 'The Square'

Bridgette Jones - The Edge of Reason
(Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent)

The Holiday
(Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law)
Various village shots

The Ruling Class
1972 (Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe). Shots of 'The White Horse interior and outside shots of 'The Square'.
WATCH video clip (Inside the pub and outside in The Square).

Hearts of the World
(DW Griffith 1918 silent film) - some location shots. Starring Erich Von Stroheim, D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, Noël Coward, Dorothy Gish, Robert Anderson, Robert Harron, Billy Bitzer, William "Wild Bill" Elliott and features David Lloyd George.

A Matter of Life and Death
Shere was used as Dr. Reeve's village in the 1946 film
(David Niven and Kim Hunter) but seen very briefly through camera obscura that if you blink you would miss it.

The Earth Dies Screaming Shere was the location for the 1965 science fiction film which was mainly filmed around 'The Square' - see the newly planted Oak Tree below



Many more Hollywood films and actors, including two ex-James Bond actors - Sir Roger Moore and Sir Sean Connery as well as notable actors: Sir Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Camron Diaz, Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Michael Winner (Director), Michael Kitchen, Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, William Mervyn, Coral Browne, Harry Andrews, Carolyn Seymour, James Villiers and Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Lynch, Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Kathleen Harrison, Eleanor Summerfield,, Eric Barker, Victor Maddern, Barbara Windsor, David Niven, Kim Hunter, Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Noel Coward, Diana Rigg, Harry Hill, Simon Day, David Mitchell, Ben Miller, Emily Watson, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Natasha Parry - View the FILM page for more

See the FILM page

Access by Bus and Rail

The nearest train stations to Shere are:
Gomshall train station (0.9 miles)
Chilworth train station (2.7 miles)
Clandon train station (4.3 miles)

Gomshall station was previously known as Gomshall & Shere, as it also serves the adjacent village of Shere.
It has been an unmanned station since 1967.

There are buses from the village that run every half that stops at
'The Compasses Pub' in Gomshall - This takes 3 minutes according
to the time table and means that you only walk 0.2 mile from there to
the train station  
- so a max time of a 5 minute walk - Total time is 8 minutes from
Shere to the station by bus/foot.


by train - National RAIL WEBSITE times:

Gomshall to London Waterloo - Total time = 58 minutes

with 1 change at Guildford

Gomshall to Guildford = 15min
Waiting time between trains = 9min
Guildford to - London Waterloo = 34min
TOTAL: 58 minutes

ALTERNATIVELY - Gomshall to London Bridge
- Total time = 69 minutes

with 1 change (Redhill)

Gomshall to Redhill = 21min
Waiting time between trains = 12min
Redhill to - London Bridge = 36min
TOTAL: 69 minutes

Seems that Train travel is rising, heading for twice the amount of passengers in the past ten years. Annual rail passenger usage*:
(Clandon figures compared as its a direct line to London)
1997/98: 17,780. (Clandon 142,780)
1998/99: 20,269. (Clandon 147,359)
1999/00: 26,484. (Clandon 155,727)
2000/01: 26,992. (Clandon 151,730)
2001/02: 25,660. (Clandon 140,098)
2002/03: 26,245. (Clandon 140,085)
2003/04: No data available
2004/05: 27,136. (Clandon 149,556)
2005/06: 28,968. (Clandon 141,921)
2006/07: 28,999. (Clandon 152,813)
2007/08: 32,978. (Clandon 178,203)
2008/09: 39,770. (Clandon 185,630)
2009/10: 41,040. (Clandon 177,902)
2010/11: 46,628. (Clandon 188,300)
2011/12: 50,736. (Clandon 186,530)
2012/13: 59,290. (Clandon 187,258) - Gomshall continues high growth (exceeds double figures over the last 10 years)
2013/14: 59,226. (Clandon 202,062) - Gomshall: Numbers stabalised.
2014/15: 58,430. (Clandon 216,602) - Gomshall: Numbers down.
2015/16: 56,806. (Clandon 222,396) - Gomshall: Numbers dropping.
2016/17: 58,228. (Clandon 222,750) - Gomshall: Numbers increased.

* Annual estimated passenger usage based on sales of tickets in stated financial year(s) which end or originate at Gomshall from
Office of Rail Regulation statistics

Gomshall and Shere Railway station - 24th July 1937

Visit Train Station page



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