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Shere Open Gardens - 2021

Shere Open Gardens is taking place on Sunday 12th September this year with a smaller event of about 15 gardens.

We look forward to welcoming visitors from 2pm. For more details about the event and a chance to visit our virtual Shere Open Gardens

please check the website: www.shereopengardens.co.uk

10th June 2021

St. James' Church - 1895

This 126 year old newspaper illustration / newspaper cutting of St. James' Church was discovered on the reverse of another local Church in Leatherhead.

St. James' footbridge with the Church in the background

Leatherhead church

Unsure as to which publication this double-sided cutting originated.

click the above photos to view more detail.

2nd May 2021

Memories of Shere - 1995

This special paper supplement was produced twenty five years ago in October 1995.

Villages featured: Oxted, Gatton Point, Redhill, Reigate, Shere, Woodhatch, Caterham and Dorking. Shere is the only village to feature a double page spread in this publication.

Memories of Shere - pages 6 & 7

page 6 - click the above photos to view more detail.

Apart from the excellent memories and features, it's interesting to read the adverts on both pages, which gives you a feel of just how and what the village was like 25 years ago. Click on all photos to view more detail.

For anyone outside the village who may be interested in the other villages, click on the following links to read their village page:

Memories of Oxted,
Memories of Gatton Point,
Memories of Redhill,
Memories of Reigate,
Memories of Woodhatch,
Memories of Caterham,
Memories of Dorking.
Front and Rear Cover.

25th February 2021

Upper Street - 1938

This photo taken over 80 years ago shows a glimps into life just a year before World War II broke out.

From an original negative, this print is from the collection of the late Leslie Whitcomb.

When zoomed in you can see more clearly two boys cycling along Upper Street towards the centre of Shere with a Veteran car (opposite Vine Cottage) coming the other way.

click the above photos to view more detail.

20th February 2021

Middle Street - 1949

Feeding the ducks, some 70 years ago.

click the above photo to view more detail.

19th February 2021

Middle Street - June 1966

As promised last month, a photo taken of Middle Street in June 1966

This photo from the summer of 1966 was also taken from a 35mm slide

click the above photo to view more detail.

16th February 2021

FINAL Parish magazine - with Editor Tim Austin and his team

As a way for us all to feel connected, The April edition of the Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine is now out, and is one of the constants that help us feel as normal as it is possible during these uncertain times. Thank you to Tim Austin and his team. All contact details are below, with more on the Parish Magazine web page:

January 2021 - front cover
New Year, new dawn, new chapter...
January 2021 - rear cover
Now onto the next chapter ...

click images to view

January 2021 Parish Magazine is the last edition that our dear Editor,
Tim Austin and his dearest wife Lesley produced with their team:

Tim and Lesley will be standing down from after 17 years (June 2003) having produced a staggering 188 issues, in the role as Editor of the Parish Magazine. We are all so eternally grateful to the hard work and dedication of both Tim and his wife, Lesley.

A new team will take the magazine forward from January, ready for the February 2021 magazine onwards;

Churches Section copy: rev. Mike Currie;
email: ministryteam.mag@gmail.com

Village Voices: Naia Edwards;
email: villagevoicepmag@gmail.com

Advertising - Javed (J) Kumar;
email: victorjavedkumar@hotmail.com

Everything to do with the Parish Council, Peaslake news, Community organisations, Schools, Cubs and Societies: Rebekah Heaney;
email: sheremagcommunityeditor@gmail.com

Editor-in-Chief - Jane Kumar;
email: shereparishmag@gmail.com

email: advertsheremag@gmail.com

Thank You from the Shere Parish Council

More details can be found on the Parish Magazine web page

February 2021

The Square - 1959

This photo from summer of 1959 was taken from a 35mm slide - click on the photo above to view.

Another new found photo of Middle Street from June 1966, will be posted next month.

January 2021

Dame Barbara Windsor

Today we learn of the sad news that Dame Barbara Windsor has passed away. Last month it was Sir Sean Connery. The connection? Both actors appeared in the 1961 film 'On The Fiddle', which was filmed in Shere.

Other notable actors in the film: John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Lynch, Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Kathleen Harrison, Eleanor Summerfield, Eric Barker and Victor Maddern

Yesterday we lost a National Treasure. Thinking of her family at this very sad time.

More details on this British Film can be found on the FILMS page

December 11th 2020

St James' Christingle 2020

Sunday 13th December 2020 - details above

December 10th 2020

Shere Bowling Club - Memories of Summer

I came across this pin badge, the CENTENARY (1900 - 2000) of Shere Bowling Club. And it takes me back to the wonderful summers past in Shere.

Its' a touch of sadness to know that the Shere Bowling Club had to disband due to the lack of members a couple of years ago.

The photo above shows (© link from the Guildford Dragon) Shere Bowls Club v Merrow Bowls Club in May 2017. READ MORE

This from the Shere Parish Council - posted around this time:

"The club has been in existence for 115 years in its present site, in the corner of the recreation ground overlooking the village of Shere.

We have 6 rinks on the green and have roll ups on Tuesday evenings plus friendlies with other local clubs during the week and on Saturdays. We also run internal competitions during the season culminating in a finals day at the end of August.

We are a friendly bowling club offering social and competitive bowling in a beautiful environment". - source: Shere Parish Council

If anyone has any photo's or memories of Shere Bowling Club, please drop me a line.

December 8th 2020

Wheelwrights - 1887

I was reading an earlier issue (April 2020) of the Cranleigh Magazine and came across the above sketch "llustration from a children’s book of 1887 (Jocelyn Bailey, Village Wheelwright (Shire Pubns.).
Below images show an old postcard of 'Wheelwrights' a few decades later and a photo of how it looks now, as a residential property - A by window where once the double doors featured:


'Wheelwrights' in Lower Street -
click on ALL the photo's to view more detail.

Close up of Sid and his dog

Wheelwright - Smith - Undertaker
POSTER - on the far right, inside of the door (click on the poster above)

The poster tells us that the Annual Show at Albury Heath are hosting 'Athletic Sports' and 'Fireworks'. - All a bit blured as the image has been scanned at a high quality but was so small in the original photo, detail gets lost.

The postcard tells us a little moore, the Gentleman holding the dog is named Sid and that this is his shop. Is Sid the son and the father (J. Hooker) is on the right? Here is the rear of the postcard:

The address is given as Upper Street but clearly this is Lower Street - Quite a Puzzle and I would be interested to hear of anyone who may have some thoughts on this. My theory is:
The address written in pencil has been added in after, maybe by a postcard collector, so we can ignore this. The actual address written by Sid is "Upper Street". Sid may well have lived in Upper Street as this is where the card was written and sent to Gracie showing him at the Shop (Wheelwrights) in Lower Street. Although Sid mentions that this is his shop, he may just work there and not be part of the family owned business. Another theory is that Sid had at this stage his own family, moved out of the family home in Lower Street and was now living in Upper Street.
We also know that Upper Street also had an undertakers - Nortons but as we are unsure as to the date of the photo/postcard, it's difficult to piece all this together.

If anyone comes across any old photo's of Shere, please e-mail me and I'll post it on the Shere Village website for us all to enjoy.

2nd December 2020

1907 - Shere Oil Painting

This oil on canvas painting has just been sold in Ohio, USA

Added to the PAINTINGS page (1900-1949)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license

November 9th 2020

James Matthews - Shere painting

The above painting of a child standing on the footbridge was recently sold in auction.

The painting clearly shows 'High House' in the background with the bridge leading to St. James' church to the right.

This is the second James Mathews 'Shere' painting that I know of. Some of you may remember that back in 2016, we uncovered his first painting, Middle Street. An estimated date of that painting was around the 1870s, so I have no reason not to believe the one sold at auction to be of the same era.

Above painted by James Matthews abt. 1870s

As featured in the centre pages of the March 2016 Parish Magazine


Here are some similar views of the bridge with 'High House Farm' from other artists/painters:

William Gardner (pre-1880s) James Douglas - 1884
Lewis Pinhorn Wood - 1880s Lewis Pinhorn Wood - 1889
Lewis Pinhorn Wood - Sketch 1893 Unknown painter


click the above paintings to view more detail.

November 2nd 2020

Lower Street - The Forge

This rare photo of 'The Forge' in Lower Street appears on a postcard from 1938. The photo could well have been taken in the 1920s or earlier however.

And a photo of how it looks, 100 years on.

Note the poscard was sent from 'Treetops', the holiday camp featured in the September 10th post below along with January 2020 posts further down this web page.

click the above photos to view.

October 29th 2020

Middle Street Garage

I have been searching and searching for information / photographs on the garage that was based in the centre of Shere in Middle Street and was deighted to

be contacted by Neil Scott, the son of the garage owner. This post is long overdue, due to various reasons but I'm delighted to be ble to post this today.

Dear Tristan

Hi, I was just looking at your website which carried a picture of my Fathers garage in Middle Street, I was just having a quick look to see what images were available. You comment on there that you would like more information on the garage, is this still the case? I worked there with Dad for 13 years and he was there for 30+ years before his retirement.

For reference, the Alfa Romeo in the picture was a very rare 1974 Alfa Spyder Le Mans, belonging to a Mr Langdon from Peaslake, I loved that car!

Sadly, Dad is no longer with us, he passed away in 2015 following a long battle with many health issues.

I attach a picture that I found only last week of our old Wolsey pick up, that was built to drag cars about the village and had the best air horns I can remember hearing!. This would have been taken in the mid 80’s from memory. click the above photos to view.

The garage was named ‘Middle Street Garage’ It was registered under the name of James Scott from 1960’s to mid 80’s, then changed to James Scott & Son (That was my input!) until its forced closure in 1997, when the site was sold for the development of the houses to the rear, this also left me homeless as I lived in the flat above!. We took the garage over in the early 60’s. The flat above was all one, living room overlooked the stream, two bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom was over the arch and I had to break the ice in the toilet on cold winter mornings! We had a big freeze once, before I moved up there, would have been late 80’s, the pipework burst and when we arrived at work we had a customers car completely shrouded in a layer of ice that was about 2” thick, it was attached to the ground on all four sides and looked like a huge ice sculpture, we had paraffin space heaters running in the yard for hours trying to melt it! It was very funny! The walls of the flat were just laths and pebbledash on the outside and lime plastered on the inside, no heating apart from some small Victorian fireplaces, I have seen some pictures before the flat was built and the lower sandstone section of the building was the garden wall of the Coal Merchants, so there was no foundations! I believe that they have now built another flat behind the original.

I think that the only people left in the village now that I would know are Dick and Elaine from the Greengrocers, Christine at the Bakers, and possibly Ken and Moira at the supermarket, that is assuming that they are all still there! I have not been in the village for years.

Dad also had workshops over these years at Gomshall Service Station, Thatchers at Horsley and the Bell & Colville site, so he was pretty well known in the area!

Kind regards,

Neil Scott

Hoping the hear from anyone who can remember anything regarding the garage and fondly refered to as "Scottys"
- please e-mail me

1st October 2020

Treetops Holiday Camp -1960

Some of you may remember a couple of posts, earlier this year, regarding the Treetops Holiday Camp - (if not, scroll down to the January 2020 entry):

I received a lovely e-mail from Jenny Eagleston:

Dear Tristan,

I have just come across your post on the Shere Village website, and really enjoyed seeing the scanned Treetops Brochure. My family visited Treetops several times when I was a child, and I have many happy memories: the outdoor swimming pool (many leaves and dead insects but we didn't mind); playing some approximation of croquet; the year we stayed in one of the old railway carriages and watched in fascination as a large spider in a web on the outside gradually wrapped up its prey. I also remember the milk coming in quart bottles, and of course many country walks with our beloved dog Scamp.

click the above photo taken of Jenny's Mother, Sister and Scamp to view.

Unfortunately, for all those memories I only have one photo, of my mother and sister sitting outside one of the chalets.

Kind regards,

Jenny Eaglestone


Huge thanks to Jenny for sharing this memory from 1960 - Difficult to believe its now 60 years on.

Scroll down to the 'January 31st 2020' section below to read more about Treetops.

Hoping the hear from anyone who can remember Treetops, either by visiting, working or just knowing someone who may have spent their family holiday "in the heart of the Surrey pine hills"
- please e-mail me

September 10th 2020

1966 - January

The above photo looking at the Middle Street Bridge was emailed to me from Wendy Lydall.

Hi Tristan,
At long last I have found the other photo that I took of Shere in January 1966.
It is not quite sharp, but I don't know if that is because the slide is not sharp or the scanners did not do a good job.
The people on the bridge are my mother Phyllis Lawson and uncle Hugo Clarke.
Kind regards,

Thanks Wendy for sharing this with us, a lovely photo taken 54 years ago.

September 8th 2020

1873 - In Sheire Village, Surrey

An exciting find from The British Museum. Upper Street, Sheire.

Yes, the village was spelt 'Sheire' back in the day.

Description: Plate 11: a line of buildings at the left, the road to the right and two people, one on horseback, in the distance; final published state. 1873 - Drypoint on Japan paper


Added to the PAINTINGS page (1800-1899)

© The Trustees of the British Museum
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license

September 5th 2020

The White Horse, Shere, Surrey - Painting

Shere Church

This oil on canvas was pasted by Keith Vaughan (1912-1977)
Dated - 1938


September 4th 2020

The White Horse, Shere, Surrey- Painting

The White Horse, Shere, Surrey - This painting looks towards Middle Street. Watercolour. 54cm x 36cm
Painted by Angus Rands (1922-1985) and was thought to be painted in the earlier 1970s. Click on the painting for more detail and you can read 'Surrey County Council' on the board to the right hand side.

August 28th 2020

William Barnes - Stream at Shere Surrey

Stream at Shere Surrey - This painting of the village was recently sold in Horsham. Watercolour 24" x 37"
by painter William Barnes (1916-1990) - born in Brixton, London. He attended Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts 1930-33

August 26th 2020


Stream at Shere Surrey - This painting of the village was recently sold Famous illustrator, LAWSON WOOD, once lived in Shere (The family lived at Burnside in the village of Shere, Surrey), before moving to Highgate and then to Homefeld Road, Chiswick.

Lawson Wood was not only known for Gran'pop. He created a number of popular cartoons featuring comic policemen and a series for Punch of stone age men and dinosaurs. P. V. Bradshaw commented that he had a "breadth, ease and fluency which many an infinitely more serious artist must envy". He worked in pen and ink, pencil, chalk and watercolour. He was elected to the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and was a member of the London Sketch Club alongside his close friend Tom Browne, who encouraged him to produce a number of now highly collectable postcards. SOURCE

August 20th 2020

Another film, movie location, Shere

1953 - Small Town Story

Small Town Story is a 1953 British film directed by Montgomery Tully

The British Film Institute previously included this production on it’s “75 Most Wanted” list of missing British films.

Settling on a shot of the church, the titles end with a caption explaining that this is Oldchester and the year is 1948. St. James church in Shere, Surrey.

Thanks to Phil Wilkinson for his amazing REELSTREETS website

VIEW More info


August 20th 2020

Newly discovered film, movie location, Shere

1971 - Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, made in 1969 but not released until late 1971, starring: Michael Bentine, (The Goons) Norman Vaughan (Roses Grow On You), Una Stubbs (Summer Holiday, Till Death Do Us Part, Wurzel Gummidge), Johnny Briggs (Coronation Street), David Lodge

STORY: An artist from the Continent arrives in England and meets a variety of quirky locals, including a flirtatious policewoman, a barload of boozers, nudists and the police!


Church Lane Cottages

Upper Street

Una Stubbs - The Square

Lower Street

Middle Street

Thanks to Phil Wilkinson for his amazing REELSTREETS website

VIEW More info and screencaptures


July 10th 2020

1900 - Sketch Book Etchings - eBay

Strange timing - After yesterday's post (1886 Old Cottage Architecture) a '1900s Sketch Book Etchings' appeared on eBay. Three of the four buildings have appeared in that sketchbook.

Here is the link if you wish to bid and purchase this Sketch Book


Jarlett's Cottage Shere


Vine Cottage Shere - Wood and Tuffin's Cottages (were these the peoples names who lived in those cottages? Maybe the census of the time can tell us?

The Malt House Gomshall - August 21st 1890

Hatch Farm Abinger Hammer

click all the above photos to view larger version

June 11th 2020

1886 - Old Cottage Architecture
- The Builder

The Builder, September 15, 1886

Vine Cottage featured as one of a series of four sketches in the issue of 'The Builder' Journal.

Note the spelling of 'SHERE' - The first 'i" was dropped very soon after this period in time.

Interesting Architectural Illustration from "The Builder" Journal, published 1888 - single page size by Mr. Ralph Nevill, F.S.A.

Vine Cottage (top left) - At Gomshall, The Malt House (top right) - Paddington Manor (bottom left) - Near Abinger Hammer - Hatch Farm (bottom right)

click all the above photos to view larger version

June 10th 2020

Newly discovered film, movie location, Shere

1952 - My Wife's Lodger

It just amazes me that these films, shot on location in our village of Shere, keep on popping up. It adds to the list. How many more are out there, that we havn't yet discovered?

My Wife's Lodger is a 1952 British film directed by Maurice Elvey

Stars: Dominic Roche, Olive Sloane, Diana Dors, Leslie Dwyer
Location(s): Cornwall, London, Shere, Surrey

STORY: Arriving home after being demobbed, a soldier expects a warm welcome but finds that his wife had taken in a lodger during his absence.

View up Middle Street

The White Horse Pub

Looking over The Square towards Pantrys

Thanks to Phil Wilkinson for his amazing REELSTREETS website

VIEW More info and screencaptures or purchase the film here


May 9th 2020

The Village Larder


click on the poster above for larger view

This wonderful initiative to:

Help our community buy food during the Covid-19 crisis for those who live in the civil Parish of Shere and are currently struggling to afford their weekly shop.


Visit the Village Larder facebook page to get updated and find out more

You can help by visiting the

webpage - click HERE

or by scanning the code below with your smartphone:

OR if YOU require assistance, please contact Keith Childs in complete confidence: Telephone: 01483 203234
Email: kc.thevillagelarder@gmail.com

April 29th 2020

October 1973

Gomshall and Shere Railway station - 4th October 1973

Platform 1 - Interesting to zoom into various areas of the photo

click on the above photos to view larger version

These and other photos covering the history of our local train station in Gomashall can be viewed on the dedicated web page: Train Station - Gomshall & Shere,

April 28th 2020

July 1903

Hoping that everyone is coping with the lockdown - I thought I would try to take your mind off things by sharing this postcard, posted on:

at 5.45pm on July 20th 1903 from Shere post office and arrived in Guildford at 7.15pm the same evening.

This postcards message reads 'this is a very pretty village between Dorking and Guildford - This message reminded me just how lucky we are to live here and made me think of all the happy times spent in the village.

click on the above photos to view larger version

If you look carefully at the postcard, you can see a horse and cart coming from Gomshall Lane and a boy/man leaning up against the wall of Vine Cottage.

April 27th 2020

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

As a way for us all to feel connected, The April edition of the Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine is now out, and is one of the constants that help us feel as normal as it is possible during these uncertain times. Thank you to Tim Austin and his team. All contact details are below as well as the 'headline' articles that appear on the cover:

April 2020 - front cover
The Cross with Easter lilies in St James', Shere
April 2020 - rear cover
The train now waiting at Jessie's Seat ...

click images to view

The coroavirus pandemic: All church services cancelled in Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
Do not be afraid: the Rev Sarah Hutton
Lockdown: how the virus is affecting our villages
A special day on the North Downs Line

This and other news, the new 88 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

Deadline for news/info regarding the May Edition of the Parish Magazine will be noon on Monday, April 13th.
e-mail: shuttlesmag@gmail.com or by hand to Shuttles, Spinning Walk, Shere. GU5 9HN

The Parish Magazine web page has now been fully updated - VISIT

March 29th 2019

Shere and local villages Coronavirus Community Support Group

There is now a Shere and local villages Corona Virus Community Support Group Facebook page - click this link or on the image above.

March 18th 2020

Seeking Volunteers for Local Covid-19 Support Groups

This from the Local Covid-19 Support Group headed by Christian Staunskjaer and Annabel Alford-Warren:


  At times like this strong community support can make a huge difference, so we are writing to introduce the Shere Parish and Local Area Covid-19 Action Group and to recruit volunteers. We are working in close collaboration with the doctors at Shere Surgery and other local groups.


Email - shereparishcv19actiongroup@gmail.com

Our initial aims are to -

  1. Prevent the spread of Covid 19 in our community via -
    1. Promoting NHS Guidelines and best safe practices people may consider
    2. Local coordination of sanitising, initially high touch areas in public access spaces
    3. Sharing access to sanitising products that the group will source;we already have 25 litres of high strength sanitiser that is available for community use.
  1. Support people locally who are directly or indirectly affected by the virus, e.g.:
    1. People advised to or choosing to self-isolate
    2. Those living alone or those with other health conditions
    3. Volunteers taking over from existing community helpers who are now unable to help due to their own health concerns
    4. Supporting each other to prevent worry and loneliness



We aim to create a network of small community support groups centred around specific streets or local areas.  If you feel you could be this co-ordinator, please get in touch urgently.

This would probably involve being in regular contact over the phone with your neighbours, or maybe by providing practical help collecting shopping, prescriptions etc.

We are grateful for ANY help and understand that we all have busy lives, but the more volunteers, the easier it will be on everyone.  Naturally, the first consideration should centre around your own health assessment and concerns about Covid-19.

We intend that the majority of communication is via phone and internet.

Thank you for reading and please can we ask for your help to forward this on to as many people you know local as possible.

Links we feel are very helpful:

Public Health England Website


Shere Surgery

Shere Parish Council

Nextdoor - Join or form a local group  



March 14th 2020

1928 - Surrey - The Playground of London

Photo of Shere, the Village 1958
This 92 year old publication, contains a glimpse of Surrey almost a century ago...

...various photos of Abinger Hammer, Dorking and...

...our village, Shere - Lower Street.

March 14th 2020

1947 - The Steeple of St. James' Church - Undergoing re-shingling work

Photo of Shere, the Village 1958
A 73 year old clipping from a weekly magazine published in 1947.
It is amazing to think that the two children in the photo are in their mid-seventees now.

March 11th 2020

1958 - The Lavender Ladye

Photo of Shere, the Village 1958
Two old negatives of the Lavender Ladye Tea Rooms (right),

above: looking up towards the White Horse Inn.

Looking back the other way, towards the Old Fire Station

March 4th 2020

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

The Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine.

March 2020 - front cover
Spring is on the way
March 2020 - rear cover
Still hard at work, Pat celebrates her 90th

click images to view

Lent, a time for reordering
Holy Week & Easter service changes
Shere Museum reopens with a flourish
Peaslake Players' panto reviewed

This and other news, the new 92 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

Deadline for news/info regarding the April Edition of the Parish Magazine will be noon on Monday, March 16th.
e-mail: shuttlesmag@gmail.com or by hand to Shuttles, Spinning Walk, Shere. GU5 9HN

The Parish Magazine web page has now been fully updated - VISIT

March 2019

1930 - Middle Street

Thank you to James for sharing this photo from his family album:

Dear Tristan

I found this photo in an album from my great aunt called “Holiday Snaps 1929-1930-1931” and I thought that you might like it for your website.

They lived in Essex and I think the photo is from 1930 judging by the others in the album.

Kind regards

James Friend


Also added this to the 1900-1949 PHOTOs page

February 20th 2020

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

The Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine.

February 2020 - front cover
Welcome to the Parish Doug!
February 2020 - rear cover
Winter sunset over Holmbury Hill.

click images to view

Taking a deep breath: the Rev Judy Potter
Lent Group to focus on Stephen Hawking
Flying start for Drop-In Mornings
Gardening Association set to close
How American pastors fill the pews

This and other news, the new 88 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

Deadline for news/info regarding the March Edition of the Parish Magazine will be noon on Monday, February 17th.
e-mail: shuttlesmag@gmail.com or by hand to Shuttles, Spinning Walk, Shere. GU5 9HN

The Parish Magazine web page has now been fully updated - VISIT

February 2019

SALV Extra Meeting - Monday 24th February

SALV Evening on Men's Health

SALV - Tuesday 28th April

The SALV (Shere and Local Villages Health Trust) hold their Open evening in Albury Village Hall:

Please visit the SALV website | SALV open Evenings

February 7th 2020

The Treetops Holiday Camp guide

Following-up on the previous post, the Treetops Holiday Camp guide:

Front cover - Treetops Holiday Camp in the heart of the Surrey pine hills

pages 2 and 3 - What is the perfect Hoilday?

pages 4 and 5 - Scenery and the Social Side

pages 6 and 7 - Camp information and How to get to Treetops

Rear cover - click all the above photos to view larger version

Its been a pleasure scanning and sharing this slice of 'Holiday History'

Hoping the hear from anyone who can remember Treetops, either by visiting, working or just knowing someone who may have spent their family holiday "in the heart of the Surrey pine hills"
- please e-mail me

January 31st 2020

Treetops Holiday Camp

Does anyone remember or know more about TREETOPS HOLIDAY CAMP? or have any stories that they would like to share with us?

Above is the 8 page booklet / guide, and although there is no publishing or reference date, I am guessing it was produced sometime in the 1950s. The camp was situated in Farley Green with a telephone number of SHERE 107

I'll be scanning the booklet over the next week and will share it on this page - fascinating read, with b/w photos and map - a step back in time.

Hoping the hear from anyone who can remember Treetops
- please e-mail me

January 29th 2020

150,000 visitors

Thank you to everyone who has visited the Shere Village website - An amazing milestone of 150,000 visits - Looking forward to the next year of research and stories from our beautiful village.

January 1st 2020

2020 - A happy New Year and decade to all!

The best way to welcome you all to this New Year is through our beloved Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine. The title above, taken from the front cover of the January 2020 issue.

NEW Parish magazine - out NOW

January 2020 - front cover
A happy New Year and decade to all!
January 2020 - rear cover
A fond farewell to Choir leader Emma.

click images to view

Family, Church & Epiphany: Rector's Letter
Save Newlands Corner Group celebrates
Parish Council's Drop-In Mornings
How we can all get fit after Christmas

This and other news, the new 88 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

Deadline for news/info regarding the February Edition of the Parish Magazine will be noon on Monday, January 13th.
e-mail: shuttlesmag@gmail.com or by hand to Shuttles, Spinning Walk, Shere. GU5 9HN

For those of you who may not have read last months Parish Magazine (December 2019), a major and very sad announcement came on page eight. Our dear editor Tim announced that he and his wife Lesley will be standing down from their Parish Mag duties in 12 months time:

For so many, its been a huge part of our Village Life, looking forward to collecting their monthly magazine on the last Friday of every month. I can't find the words at the moment, but are so eternally grateful to both Tim and Lesley. All their hard work, dedication and effort over the past 17 years.

June 2003 issue

PARISH MAGAZINE MILESTONES under Magazine Editor Tim Austin:
Edited and produced 175 monthly issues of our Parish Magazine.
Spanning 17 years
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March 2012 - Full Colour cover photograph (a total of 6 full cover photo's appeared over the 2012 issues).
2013 issues onwards - Full-Colour front covers
January 2018 - The first issue in the history of the Parish Magazine to be produced and printed in full-colour.

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Shere as a Film location

The village has been the home to various film locations,
such as The Wedding Date (Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney)
Wedding scenes and shots of 'The Square'

Bridgette Jones - The Edge of Reason
(Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent)

The Holiday
(Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law)
Various village shots

The Ruling Class
1972 (Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe). Shots of 'The White Horse interior and outside shots of 'The Square'.
WATCH video clip (Inside the pub and outside in The Square).

Hearts of the World
(DW Griffith 1918 silent film) - some location shots. Starring Erich Von Stroheim, D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, Noël Coward, Dorothy Gish, Robert Anderson, Robert Harron, Billy Bitzer, William "Wild Bill" Elliott and features David Lloyd George.

A Matter of Life and Death
Shere was used as Dr. Reeve's village in the 1946 film
(David Niven and Kim Hunter) but seen very briefly through camera obscura that if you blink you would miss it.

The Earth Dies Screaming Shere was the location for the 1965 science fiction film which was mainly filmed around 'The Square' - see the newly planted Oak Tree below



Many more Hollywood films and actors, including two ex-James Bond actors - Sir Roger Moore and Sir Sean Connery as well as notable actors: Sir Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Camron Diaz, Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Michael Winner (Director), Michael Kitchen, Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, William Mervyn, Coral Browne, Harry Andrews, Carolyn Seymour, James Villiers and Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Lynch, Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Kathleen Harrison, Eleanor Summerfield,, Eric Barker, Victor Maddern, Barbara Windsor, David Niven, Kim Hunter, Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Noel Coward, Diana Rigg, Harry Hill, Simon Day, David Mitchell, Ben Miller, Emily Watson, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Natasha Parry - View the FILM page for more

See the FILM page

Access by Bus and Rail

The nearest train stations to Shere are:
Gomshall train station (0.9 miles)
Chilworth train station (2.7 miles)
Clandon train station (4.3 miles)

Gomshall station was previously known as Gomshall & Shere, as it also serves the adjacent village of Shere.
It has been an unmanned station since 1967.

There are buses from the village that run every half that stops at
'The Compasses Pub' in Gomshall - This takes 3 minutes according
to the time table and means that you only walk 0.2 mile from there to
the train station  
- so a max time of a 5 minute walk - Total time is 8 minutes from
Shere to the station by bus/foot.


by train - National RAIL WEBSITE times:

Gomshall to London Waterloo - Total time = 58 minutes

with 1 change at Guildford

Gomshall to Guildford = 15min
Waiting time between trains = 9min
Guildford to - London Waterloo = 34min
TOTAL: 58 minutes

ALTERNATIVELY - Gomshall to London Bridge
- Total time = 69 minutes

with 1 change (Redhill)

Gomshall to Redhill = 21min
Waiting time between trains = 12min
Redhill to - London Bridge = 36min
TOTAL: 69 minutes

Seems that Train travel is rising, heading for twice the amount of passengers in the past ten years. Annual rail passenger usage*:
(Clandon figures compared as its a direct line to London)
1997/98: 17,780. (Clandon 142,780)
1998/99: 20,269. (Clandon 147,359)
1999/00: 26,484. (Clandon 155,727)
2000/01: 26,992. (Clandon 151,730)
2001/02: 25,660. (Clandon 140,098)
2002/03: 26,245. (Clandon 140,085)
2003/04: No data available
2004/05: 27,136. (Clandon 149,556)
2005/06: 28,968. (Clandon 141,921)
2006/07: 28,999. (Clandon 152,813)
2007/08: 32,978. (Clandon 178,203)
2008/09: 39,770. (Clandon 185,630)
2009/10: 41,040. (Clandon 177,902)
2010/11: 46,628. (Clandon 188,300)
2011/12: 50,736. (Clandon 186,530)
2012/13: 59,290. (Clandon 187,258) - Gomshall continues high growth (exceeds double figures over the last 10 years)
2013/14: 59,226. (Clandon 202,062) - Gomshall: Numbers stabalised.
2014/15: 58,430. (Clandon 216,602) - Gomshall: Numbers down.
2015/16: 56,806. (Clandon 222,396) - Gomshall: Numbers dropping.
2016/17: 58,228. (Clandon 222,750) - Gomshall: Numbers increased.

* Annual estimated passenger usage based on sales of tickets in stated financial year(s) which end or originate at Gomshall from
Office of Rail Regulation statistics

Gomshall and Shere Railway station - 24th July 1937

Visit Train Station page



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